7 Things You Might Not Know about Waxing

Because you learn something new every day, right?

1. According to Lydia Jordane, CEO and Founder of Lycon, waxing is most popular in the Middle East. “In about 1995, they didn’t know about commercial wax,” says Lydia. “They made their own homebrew, called Halawa, from sugar, water and lemon juice but now they love commercial wax and Halawa is becoming less popular.”

2. Waxing can be painless. Lydia advises to keep the heat low, use a pre-wax solution and perfect the right technique.


3. Double dipping is actually a finable offence in Australia. The NSW Department of Health states that if wax is used for hair removal, the wax and any instrument used to apply it, such as a spatula, must be immediately disposed of after completing the procedure.

4. There are three different kinds of waxes. Synthetic wax is ideal for clients with a low pain threshold or for application to sensitive areas, like the eyebrows, underarms or bikini line. Natural waxes aren’t great for sensitive areas, so stick to the legs, back, chest and arms. Scented waxes, as the name implies, smell fantastic and can create a beautiful atmosphere in your salon.

5. Always find out if your client has any allergies or health condition such as varicose veins, poor circulation or diabetes. Ask if they’re taking any medications or topical medications. It’s not prying, because if the skin has been thinned by a medical condition, you need to know about it.

6. There is no law on how old a client has to be for a wax, but performing a Brazilian on anyone younger than 16 can come with issues. Some salons offer to wax to tweens and teens, but the best way to cover yourself is to make sure under-16s have their mother or a responsible adult with them.

Hair removal wax heater in close up

7. Knowing which wax is right for where is essential. “Strip wax is for large areas, then you can touch up with hot wax if short hairs are not removed in parts,” Lycon’s Founder and CEO Lydia Jordane tells PB. “Use hot wax for the more delicate areas such as the Brazilian zone, eyebrows, face and to touch up anywhere where strip wax can’t remove short hairs.”


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