QUESTION: Trends influencing the skin care sector in recent years have included high tech facial masks, friendly bacteria, superfood skin care, facial brushing, injectables, air-pollution defenses and plumping ingredients. What do you anticipate will be the next big trend to impact the professional skin care category?

LEARNING: Healthy skin is always going to be in fashion. A more holistic approach is being taken for long-term, lasting results.

Simone said consumers and the salon owners had to get “a bit more savvy” and not fall into the marketing hype.

Olivier identified ingestables and customisation as longer term trends that were here to stay .

Michelle said she never created products for a trend or a fad, and that a big focus for Alpha-H had been targeting blue-light ageing.

Robyn said trends will always come and go but healthy skin was always going to be in fashion

Karen said it was important to “stand back and observe and ensure” what the outcome was first.

Eddie said it was all about long-term sustainable results for a client to look their best.

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