Free cosmetic regulation training

Delphic HSE, a UK-based company specialising in product safety and compliance, will be in Australia at the end of this month to deliver two free training courses on International Cosmetic Regulations.

The one-day courses, presented by Delphic HSE directors Ray Boughton and James Wakefield, will provide an overview of the regulations that impact individuals and companies wanting to sell cosmetics globally.

“We understand that selling cosmetics globally is a complex business which requires adherence to many different regulations and standards,” says Boughton.

“The course will help attendees to understand their responsibilities − region by region – so they can properly prepare their own manufacturing and distribution strategy.

Covering regulations in Europe, North America (US & Canada), South America), Middle East, South East Asia and China, topics in the course include:

  • Definition of a cosmetic in each member state
  • Requirements and features of each regulation
  • Registration process and the documentation required
  • The differences with labelling and what’s mandatory
  • Interpretation of claims and associated risks
  • Region-by-region comparisons with the EU
  • An understanding of the enforcement processes involved

The course will be held at The Mint in Sydney on October 30 and the Quay West Suites in Melbourne on November 7 ‒ the Melbourne course is booked out but spaces are still available for the Sydney event.

Delphic HSE will also be offering “one-to-one discreet ‘Safety and Compliance Clinics’ in Sydney and Melbourne from October 29 to November 9.

During each clinic Boughton and Wakefield will provide personalised help on safety and compliance topics including:

  • Classification of your products
  • General advice on targeted international regulations such as EU, the US, Canada and Asia
  • Product labelling and artwork
  • Claims substantiation and modern trends
  • Toxicological risk assessments and safety of products
  • Future challenges and solutions
  • Ingredients and their impact
  • Enforcement of safety and regulations throughout the supply chain
  • What is Best Practice and industry guidance
  • Where to find help (credible sources of information)

Each ‘clinic’ is by appointment only and availability is limited.

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