QUESTION – Consumer demand for more tailored and personalised beauty products is impacting every aspect of product development from packaging through to formulation and beyond. Should retailers be doing more to enhance the user experience and how can technology make this possible?

LEARNING – Personalisation, rather than a one size fits all, has always been fundamental to the very origins of the beauty industry.

James said consumers were far savvier these days while Kellie said you had to get creative to give your client what they needed.

Clare said you had to be able to offer bespoke services to your customers and your clients while Sue  said education was very important when it came to treatments. .

Tanya said your supplier needed to be innovative while Jay said the client needed to be updated regularly via social media.

Karen said one of the things Ultraceuticals was exploring was bringing the consultation onto a mobile device.

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Key retail considerations

Optimising retail presentation within a salon

Choosing the right retail products for your staff

Strategies to boost retail sales

Dealing with consumer demand for personalisation

Navigating a changing retail landscape

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