Australian Skin Clinics has launched a new brand identity “empowering people of all ages to speak up about what they deserve from their medi-aesthetic professional”.

The ‘I deserve’ campaign features “natural and relatable looking men and women” accompanied with quotes such as ‘I deserve make-up free confidence’ and ‘I deserve to feel proud of my reflection’.

According to Australian Skin Clinics, the brand relaunch follows extensive surveys of more than 1000 clients, potential clients and general consumers which found “they feel they are lacking the confidence to take control of their skincare and want to visit a clinic or brand they can trust”.

The franchise’s chief marketing officer Christie Harris says the new “more emotive” brand identity aims to drive awareness of it focus on empowering clients.

“The new identity is exciting and we see the move as a great strategic step forward, with our brand becoming more relatable to our clientele and telling their story through emotive imagery and commentary,” she says.

“The campaign unlocks a more open dialogue to a broader range of audiences and hopes to shift the stigma associated with medi-aesthetic treatments, no matter what gender or age you are.”

Christie says that in the last couple of years the medi-aesthetic laser clinic franchise has been focussed on expanding its presence across Australia, and has achieved its goal with the recent rebranding of 14 Ella Rouge Beauty Salons in NSW and its first clinic opening in WA  late last year.

“Now that we are easily accessible across the country, we are focused on listening to the desires of our growing customer base,” she says.

“We know that our clients aren’t interested in looking like someone else, they simply want to enhance their real beauty – and feel good about it, too.”

Australian Skin Clinics has more than 45 clinics across Australia “offering affordable, accessible and results-driven cosmetic treatments in high quality clinics performed by trained professionals”.

Treatments on offer vary from laser hair removal and microdermabrasion to Nanopore Micro-Needling and LED Light Therapy.



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