Ultraceuticals tours Oz and NZ

Ultraceuticals’ head office team has spent two months travelling around Australia and New Zealand to showcase “all that’s new and exciting with the iconic brand”. Led by founder Dr Geoffrey Heber, the Ultraceuticals team held two-day Business Forums for salon partners in NSW, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland and New Zealand. Each forum included an introduction […]

Ultraceuticals takes on Europe

Ultraceuticals has secured a distribution agreement with one of Ireland’s leading skincare distributors, Renaissance Products, in a move that will see it enter the European market for the first time. Announcing the signing of the distribution deal, Ultraceuticals CEO Karen Wilkin-Donachie said the company’s products would land in Ireland this month. “We are proud to […]

Hobart Haven

Find out why Dr Asha Ram, from Sanctum Medical Aesthetics, is ‘in awe of skin’

Key retail considerations

QUESTION: What are the key considerations when choosing a retail range for a salon, clinic or spa, and a supplier partner for the experience? LEARNING: It’s crucial the supplier and the salon have similar values and share the same philosophy when it comes to skincare. Tanya said when choosing a skincare range or a retail range, […]

Industry Roundtable #3: Retail Sales

Retail sales was the focus of the third Professional Beauty Industry Roundtable. Nine thought leaders tackled six questions that covered how to best choose the right retail range, how to increase purchases, optimising retail presentation, motivating team members to sell,  methods to encourage clients to buy, the impact of personalisation and customisation and  how to […]

Ultraceuticals wins education award

Ultraceuticals has beaten business heavyweights such as Telstra and Foxtel to win the Platinum Award for ‘Best Blended Learning Model’ in the 2017 LearnX Awards.


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