Ultra-Gentle Cleanse for Delicate Post-Procedure Skin

The frictionless, dense foam formulation is perfect for compromised skin, mildly yet effectively removing dirt and impurities while replenishing the skin’s natural moisturising factors (NMF) with amino acids and emollients to preserve moisture balance.

Formulated with a blend of 7 botanical extracts, vitamins A, B, C, essential minerals and antioxidants, Delicate Cleansing Mousse works to impart soothing comfort and relief to distressed skin, while improving skin’s resilience against environmental aggressors.

It helps promote a healthy-looking complexion while encouraging speedier skin restoration and relieves signs of skin sensitivity and irritation following harsh aesthetic treatments.

The synergy of Sodium PCA and 11 amino acids in Hydramino™ work to retain moisture while helping maintain skin’s microbial balance to optimise the skin recovery process.

Key benefits:

  • Gently cleanses compromised skin
  • Keeps the skin feeling fresh all-day
  • Helps restore skin’s optimal hydration levels


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