Our velvety-smooth, long lasting, Precision Brow Pencil has been formulated to offer you precision brows from soft & subtle to bold & fierce. 3 buildable shades for ultimate brow perfection.   Email: Website: Instagram: @elleebana Facebook: elleebana


Footlogix®, the world’s first and only Pediceutical®, has revolutionized the foot care market!   With a complete range of innovative products, Footlogix® provides effective and transformational results for a variety of skin conditions affecting the feet. PROFESSIONAL STAINLESS-STEEL FILE Made with high-quality stainless steel, this uniquely designed, double-sided file can be used multi-directionally and will not […]

Natural Look Lavender Paraffin Wax

Cosmetically formulated with Vitamin E and a blend of nourishing natural and organic essential oils, Natural Look Lavender Paraffin Wax is a luxurious moisturising thermal skin treatment designed to calm the skin and recharge its natural functions during manicures, pedicures and body treatments. The soothing paraffin treatment surrounds the skin with penetrating warmth to open […]

CULT FAVOURITE: Reveal glowing skin with Aspect Probiotic Mask

This luxurious hydrating mask contains probiotics, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid to deliver an infusion of nutrients for all skin types.   Key Ingredients and Benefits ProRenew Complex CLR™ | A probiotic to deliver nutrients and protect skin from external free radicals. Fruit Enzyme Complex | A blend of Pomegranate and Acai Berry, high in antioxidants. […]

The Strip Wax You Desire

As delicate as the blossom of a flower, Jax Wax Australia’s Victorian Heath Strip Wax is ideal for all your intimate wax treatments. Previously called Adam & Eve Desire, Jax Wax Australia’s Victorian Heath Strip Wax is a versatile wax suitable for a wide range of treatment areas from delicate intimate waxing to a full […]

Dream Cream

This advanced rich night moisturiser powerfully repairs skin while you sleep. Dramatically improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Enriched with Bilberry, this luxurious night cream delivers Vitamins C & A to the skin to provide antioxidant protection whilst strengthening capillary walls. A timeless repair cream that works on your skin as you sleep. […]

Prime and protect

This mutli base primer comes from NEE Makeup Milan and is perfect for Australian summer with an SPF 50+ rating! Perfection UV Multi Base Primer is suitable for all skin types and comes in a 50ml tube with a soft and creamy texture. This moisturising face primer with SPF 50+ rating has a matte effect […]

La Forte – a revolutionary Food Supplement

A food supplement which combines the best from the sea with the best from the vegetable kingdom – with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. A lot of people take supplements as it can be difficult to get enough vitamins and minerals in the daily intake of food. Our Food Supplements combine the best from the sea […]

Easy + efficient Male Strip Waxing

Make waxing male chests, backs, legs and arms a breeze with Manifico Strip Wax Cartridge. A Enjoy faster application, superior glide and no sticky residue with LYCON’s leak-resistant cartridge design. MANifico Cartridge Strip Wax  |  100ml With Chamomile, Australian Sandalwood and Micro Mica Enjoy faster application, superior glide and no sticky residue with LYCON’s leak-resistant […]

For Brighter Days

Ideal for pigmented skin, this brightening and lightening serum is perfect to give your skin an even tone. Loaded with brightening ingredients like, Rumex, B White, Vitamin C, Niacinamide, Lemon Peel, Licorice and BearBerry. Clinic Care / Dermaenergy 1300 799 709

Lash Lifting To New Heights

The RefectoCil Lash Lift kit is designed to make lashes appear longer and fuller with more of a high lifted effect with a subtle curl.

XEN: the ultimate LED technology

LED low level light therapy increases cellular energy production to relieve pain, incite healing response, skin rejuvenation and actively destroy the acne bacteria. There are different intensities to these non-ablative light therapies that target and promote varying biological results. LED is a well-recognized cosmetic treatment originally developed to fast-track wound healing.  The technology is basically […]

Light Foaming Cleanser

This lightly foaming cleanser for oily/combination skin removes excess oil, impurities and light makeup. This cleanser with Birch Extract cleanses without stripping, leaving your skin pure and refreshed. Recommended for: Oily, Acneic and Combination skin. Featured Ingredients: Birch Extract (Aqueous Extract of Birch Betula Pendula) – Astringent, purifying and detoxifying. Natural antibacterial and anti-viral properties […]

dermaviduals’ skin identical cleanser

The DMS Cleansing Milk is a gentle skin identical cleanser. It is free of tenside components and its composition is similar to the DMS Base Creams which means that the Cleansing Milk is a product for care, skin correction and cleansing in one. The Corneotherapeutic principal is to use ingredients that mimic skin cells, structure […]

Reduce Inflammation in Acne Prone Skin

Acneic skin is damaged and dry skin. This usually exacerbates when acne sufferers believe their comedomes are created by oily skin, leading them to use foaming cleansers which further dry their skin. Salubre Cosmeceuticals Flawless range is formulated to hydrate and rejuvenate dry, damaged acneic skin via non-comedogenic herbal extracts and healing oils. Immaculacy Facial […]

Solari True Square Pulse Technology

Solari Square Pulse Technology with S-Toning is an IPL system that stands out from the rest. This high-end technologically advanced and extremely versatile intense pulsed light (IPL) system from Lutronic guarantees precision treatments with minimal side effects. Unlike conventional IPLs on the market, Solari produces a very stable, flat and homogeneous spectral output over the […]

Night Cream

Repairing night cream enriched with moisturizers and nutrients that strengthen the skin and boost cell regeneration.   Smart Delivery System Pure White – innovative peptide in a selective delivery system inhibits melanin production Vitamin C – stable ascorbic acid Encapsulated retinol – retinyl ester capsule ensures maximum penetration Shea butter – softens dry and irritated skin Lipigenine – biotechnological extract […]

Manage Psoriasis and Eczema with the Revitalising Scalp and Body Cream.

An intense formulation that includes healing oils, botanical extracts and organic sulphur to manage problematic skin such as eczema, psoriasis and dandruff. The addition of colloidal oatmeal makes this cream highly effective in reducing itchiness in the skin. The smooth cream allows the easy, non greasy application morning and night and the essential oils Frankincense, […]


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