Targeted Solutions with Boosters Serums

The needs of our skin change as we age. What worked well in our 20’s may not work as efficiently in our 40’s or 50’s! That’s why the Intraceuticals Oxygen Booster treatments offer four powerful targeted additives to customize your clients treatment and target specific skin concerns.

The Intraceuticals Antioxidant Booster treatment serum is great for revitalising and balancing dull, stressed skin with powerful natural antioxidants all through the 20’s.  Containing Kakadu Plum extract it focuses on premature ageing, stressed skin, redness, and dark circles.

As we reach our 30’s, the Intraceuticals Vitamin C+3 Booster treatment serum is the perfect saviour for skin showing signs of premature ageing, irregular tone and sun damage. It helps smooth, strengthen and protect healthy skin with 3 synergistic forms of Vitamin to fight free radical damage and improve skin texture.

Heading into our 40’s, the Intraceuticals Vitamin A Booster treatment serum helps clarify and refine the appearance of skin, renew radiance and deliver a smooth complexion whilst improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

During our 50’s (or even earlier as a preventative treatment) the Intraceuticals Collagen Booster treatment serum provides collagen building peptides to promote skin renewal and regeneration for  skin that has lost elasticity and tone.

Adding the Intraceuticals Oxygen Booster treatment to your business allows you to cater for all skin concerns and customize the treatment options to deliver the best possible solution for your client.

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