Helping Compromised Skin Reclaim Comfort Post-Procedure

This intensive, nurturing formulation provides instant relief from visible redness and sensitivity. Its soothing and moisturising properties help restore skin balance, providing much needed calming comfort from burning sensations that typically succeed a laser treatment.

Advanced Restorative Serum contains bio-mimetic tripeptides which work to help reinstate skin’s integrity, creating an optimal environment for skin repair recovery.

It soothes irritated, post-procedure skin while helping to maintain and restore a normal skin sensitivity threshold.

Key Benefits:

  • Soothes the appearance of sensitised skin often experienced after aesthetic treatments
  • Provides instant relief from burning sensation after laser treatment
  • Moisturises to keep skin hydrated and helps prevent tightness during the recovery stage

Advanced Restorative Serum is part of SkinMTX’s Dermat Series, a range of products specially formulated to provide essential post-procedure care to maximise the procedure outcome, optimise recovery, help minimise risks of infection and scarring while providing comfort from tenderness and signs of irritation.

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