Award-Winning Post-Procedure Skin Restoration Cream

Recently announced Beauty World Middle East 2021 Award Winner in the category of “Niche Product of the Year”, Advanced Reconditioning Cream is a remarkable protective cream that helps shield the skin from excessive dryness, visible redness, and irritation with its potent calming and reparative ingredients.

Designed to create an optimum environment for skin to recuperate post-treatment, the complex of ceramide and bisabolol in Advanced Reconditioning Cream provides a protective “second skin”, shielding the underlying skin from external aggressors.

The blend of skin restoring actives in Advanced Reconditioning Cream work synergistically to help restore compromised skin and rebuild its moisture barrier for a healthy-looking complexion. They help defend against external aggressors, prevent glycation and premature deterioration of skin to provide the optimum environment for speedier skin rejuvenation that results in a renewed, pristine-looking complexion.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduces signs of sensitivity and promotes restoration of healthy-looking skin
  • Replenishes the skin with moisture for optimal comfort
  • Helps strengthen skin barrier against oxidative stress

Advanced Reconditioning Cream is part of SkinMTX’s Dermat Series, a range of products specially formulated to provide essential post-procedure care to maximise the procedure outcome, optimise recovery, help minimise risks of infection and scarring while providing comfort from tenderness and signs of irritation.

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