Keeping up with training

At a recent Professional Beauty Industry Roundtable focused on advancing education, each of our suppliers spoke about dedicating significant resources to training, both on a domestic and international stage.

Our panel of eight guests ‒ Bianca Polinelli from Just Lashes, Otto Mitter from Ex-Import Niche Products, Emma Hobson from Dermalogica, Pene Timberlake from Candela Medical, Karla McDiarmid from Macquarie Medi Spa, Anh Hoang from Le Beauty, Jess Goldenberg from The Therapist Co and Kylie Scarfe from Vamp Cosmetic Clinic ‒ shared the stand out changes at their academies, institutes, and training programmes in recent years.

Almost all spoke about how the traditional training format had changed with the introduction of online courses.

Emma Hobson from Dermalogica said their training had changed completely over the last few years.

Otto Mitter from Ex-Import Niche Products said they had performed a massive overhaul on their online training component.

Pene Timberlake from Syneron Candela said they looked at education in three stages – local, national and international education.

Anh Hoang from Le Beauty said a trainer needed to be able to read the room, engage with the students, and deliver in a way that they could digest.

Watch the video below for the full discussion.

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