5 Hottest Career Opportunities In The Australian Beauty Industry, Plus Salaries

By Aisling O’Toole

The Australian beauty industry is experiencing sustained growth which is expected to continue well into the next five years, with experts predicting by 2028 the personal care and beauty industry to be worth $5.3 billion––a 14% increase from the current valuation.

Approximately $22 billion is spent annually on beauty products in Australia, with personal care aimed at women, the biggest driver of that spend.

Like all industries, the pandemic impacted beauty, with almost one quarter of all purchases now made online, which has seen professionals with ecommerce experience well placed to secure high paying jobs. However, online purchasing hasn’t reduced the demand for in-salon services, with the demand of beauty technicians expected to grow by 20 percent year over year.

The Professional Beauty Job Board is full of opportunities across the sector, from salon-based roles to retail opportunities with global brands.

1.   Salon Managers

Within the beauty industry as a whole, personal care is the driving force, with demand for personal grooming services expected to grow, with a 5.8% estimated increase in the next four years, reaching a projected revenue of $3,737 million in 2026.

This news comes as no surprise to those in the industry who are witnessing the demand firsthand, as such the supply and demand for experienced salon managers who can grow a customer base while managing and motivating a team is high.

Experienced salon managers can expect to earn an average annual salary of $59,000, with opportunities for progression into area and regional roles always in demand.

Companies such as Earth and Skin, Lancemore Hotel Group and Cullen Bay Day Spa are currently recruiting for a number of salon manager roles.

2.   Beauty Retail Experts

In-store beauty experts can earn an average annual salary of $52,000, rising to $75,000 for those who upskill and move into management.

While a large portion of shoppers opt for the ease of online ordering, for those experimenting with a new look or trialling a new product, the expertise of in-store staff cannot be underestimated.

Similarly, store staff who move into management bring a unique set of skills to the table in understanding how the industry works, what the customer wants and how to marry those needs with those of the business.

For open opportunities in beauty retail, look to industry leaders such as Aesop, Estee Lauder and Sephora.  

3.   Makeup Artist

As standards rise and women turn to social media for makeup and skincare tips and tricks, talented makeup artists are in high demand across Australia––earning an average annual salary of more than $81,000.

Makeup artists with retail sales experience are in a strong position to increase that salary by working on commission in store. In fact, so buoyant is the industry that demand for MUAs across Australia is expected to grow by 5 percent year over year.

Makeup artists looking for opportunities with global employers should consider some of the open roles at Sephora, Myer and The Body Shop

4.   Esthetician

The rise in the number of women opting for surgical treatment to enhance their skin has resulted in a rising subsection of the beauty industry, with experienced estheticians in high demand.

In fact, with demand often outstripping supply, estheticians can expect to earn an annual average starting salary of $51,000.

Those with experience in injectables and skin laser techniques are in a position to earn a little more, with the Australian skin laser market size estimated at USD $328.9 million in 2021, with the expectation it will grow by 6.3% before 2030.

Discover career opportunities for skincare professionals at Victorian Dermal Group, Laser Clinics Australia and Artisan Aesthetics Company.

5.   Hair Stylists

The hair styling business is currently worth over $8 billion, and is expected to retain its value after proving itself to be recession-proof following the pandemic.

General hair stylists can expect to earn an average yearly salary of $56,000 with opportunities for specialising in occasion styles or colouring providing an opportunity for more. In addition to this, experienced hair stylists who opt to go inhouse and manage salons can see their salary increase significantly. 

Right now, established brands such as Hair House, Organia Hair and Dyson are regularly recruiting for hair professionals. 

Explore The Professional Beauty Job Board to get an industry overview and find your next role

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