The Forever Duo: Your Secret to Thick, Long Lashes & Brows

Nee Lash and Brow Mascara is not just a product but an experience that once tried, becomes an essential part of your beauty routine. It’s a round-the-clock solution, meticulously formulated with exceptional ingredients designed to amplify the volume, thickness, and length of both lashes and eyebrows.

This innovative 2-in-1 brow mascara and treatment stands as a testament to Nee’s commitment to providing multifaceted beauty solutions. Its serum, a clear gel, works wonders in enhancing the volume, thickness, and length of lashes and brows, creating a dramatic yet natural look.

Applying the serum is a breeze. It can effortlessly be applied at the base and along the lengths of the lashes, as well as along the arch of the eyebrows. For an intense restructuring, nourishing, and revitalising effect, leave it on overnight. This allows the active ingredients to work their magic, promoting healthier and more vibrant lashes and brows.

The gel serum doubles as a primer before the eyebrow mascara application. It helps define and fix the arch, providing constant hydration to ensure your brows stay healthy and full. It sets the stage for the coloured mascara, preparing your brows for an enhanced definition and a natural finish.

The brow mascara, with its micro-precision applicator, guarantees total control by dispensing just the right amount of product. It defines and colours in one application, setting quickly without drying out the eyebrows. This ensures your brows maintain their natural moisture while looking perfectly styled.

For optimal results, apply the brow mascara after the gel serum along the brow bone. This not only provides definition but also keeps your brows hydrated. For a more intense and marked effect, feel free to repeat the application. The Nee Lash and Brow Mascara is designed to adapt to your beauty needs, allowing you to achieve your desired look with ease and confidence. With this product, you’re not just enhancing your features; you’re embracing a lifestyle of effortless beauty.

Ingredients: Panthenol, green tea water, five hyaluronic acid complexes (an active ingredient rich in peptides and vitamins), oat extract and pea sprout extract.

Available in (2) shades 

BM1 Trevi Grey

BM2 Taupe

Available from MBI Jessica Cosmetics  T: 1300 470 648

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