New-Look L’Institut Sothys Epitomises Skincare Luxury, the French Way

Paris-born professional skincare brand, Sothys has recently announced the re-opening of its flagship location at 128 Faubourg, Saint Honoré-Paris – L’Institut Sothys.

The destination was recently upgraded to make way for a more premium offering. The renovation took two years to complete.

L’Institut Sothys

L’Institut Sothys is open to French locals in search of a personalised beauty consultation, serious skin treatments, a fresh face of makeup, and a lavish shopping experience. It is also the meeting place for esthetician training sessions. 

Sothys describes the space as ‘exceptional, elegant and refined’ with an intimate and cosy atmosphere. A stylish white building occupies L’Institut Sothys’ shopfront, which is positioned in Paris’ exclusive eighth arrondissement. Ground level is occupied by a reception space and retail boutique. The first floor consists of treatment ‘cabines’, or cubicles that serve as work spaces for Sothys therapists and their clients. The second floor is reserved for training.

[left to right] Front and inside L’Institut Sothys, Paris

The state-of-the-art location hosts a broad treatment menu occupied by Sothys’ signature services for the face and body. Treatments are designed to reflect the brand’s core principles of skin health, wellness, and paying respect to the environment.

The brand’s flagship also hosts its own application technique – Digi-Esthétique. This technique was “specially developed by and for beauty therapists to optimise treatments and the absorption of active ingredients,” the L’Institut Sothys website states. Massage is also heavily incorporated into many of Sothys’ offerings, as “Digi-Esthétique combines acupressure and modelling techniques from Eastern and Western cultures”. 

“Sothys’ unique rituals combine sensory indulgence, efficiency and a personalised approach to treatment, in order to make every appointment a haven of well-being that nurtures the body and mind.” Menus are selected via touch-screen, and video displays line the institute’s walls, showcasing Sothys’ unique massage techniques.

Les Jardins Sothys

Further embodying Sothys’ distinguishable French roots is a second location – Les Jardins Sothys in Auriac, Corrèze. The botanical gardens are located 5.5 hours drive south of Paris. Sothys’ core business operations occur over the 35-acre block, including product development. Organic gardens, hiking trails and a restaurant are also on-site.

The gardens’ latest addition is a treatment cabine located on the grounds where clients may relax in total isolation. The spherical hub is surrounded by greenery, providing a 360-degree immersive experience.

Sothys also works with l’Université de Limoges, located two hours north-west of the gardens. The university hosts a green science unit that specialises in the study of botanicals. Sothys is invested in the development of innovative ingredients suitable for patenting.

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