Spend Less Time Chasing Clients and More Time on Your Business

Small business owners are pulled in multiple directions, and often feel the strain as a result.

While the needs of their clients come first, this is often to the detriment of their businesses and to themselves. It’s imperative owners and managers retain equal attention on all facets of their business, from finances to staffing, to ensure future success. But with so much to do and so little time, it’s not hard to see why so many are feeling burnt out.

To alleviate the pressure placed on salon owners and their staff, investment can be made into three key areas:

1. Secure front of house staff

Ensure the first and last impression a client has on the business is a good one. This often comes down to the front of house staff, or receptionist. This person is responsible for answering and directing all phone calls, managing bookings, and ensuring client comfort from the moment they walk through the door of the business. Staff can relax in knowing someone is there to mitigate any client questions or concerns in the owner/manager’s absence. This person should be trained in all treatment and retail offerings in line with training provided to practicing salon therapists.

2. Allocate a portion of the week to catch up on admin

It can be easier said than done, but allocating a set time to tick off administrative business tasks is essential. Owners/managers should make it clear to their teams that during this set time, they are not to be disrupted or booked in for treatments. Best practice is to block out a regular day and time each and every week to focus on admin and admin alone. This gives owners/managers an opportunity to pay invoices, manage staff payroll, catch up with suppliers, and forward-plan any promotions due to run in the business. Over time, this time allocation will become second nature.

3. Utilise services like automated texts

Tech giants are on the front foot of innovation when it comes to delivering services to ease qualms around time-management. Salon software companies like Fresha offer easy-to-navigate booking systems to manage their clients. To complement this, Fresha has introduced an automated text function designed to keep clients up-to-date with their bookings. Six different text notifications are available to manage booking confirmations, reminders and cancellations. Clients are informed of any pre-appointment to-dos, as well as cancellation fees should they be late or not show up. Fresha can also send a friendly ‘Thank you for visiting’ message on salons’ behalf, to further drive teams’ commitment to providing strong customer service. To join Fresha free, visit their website.

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