Be an inspiring leader

It used to be that managers and leaders were expected to be intimidating, to lead with an iron fist and to take no prisoners. But times have changed, and these days employees want to be led by someone that inspires them, someone who is approachable and that they can learn valuable skills from. Particularly in […]

Why good staff resign

It’s a great feeling when you hire a great staff member. Perhaps it was someone you’d had your eye on for some time, or a surprise candidate with a mind-blowing CV. And so it’s understandably disappointing when hat same employee hands you their letter of notice. Staff turnover in the beauty industry is high, but […]

Is your salon manager sabotaging your team?

Having an effective manager at your spa is invaluable – they are your right-hand person, always putting the needs of the salon first, empowering and mentoring more junior staff and, in a perfect world, giving you a bit of a breather. And all managers know that their staff’s performance is an indication of how well […]

Hiring an effective manager for your salon

Hiring a manager for your salon can be a daunting task. For starters, it needs to be someone that shares your vision for the business and can follow your instructions for the way you want your salon to run, but they also need to be a strong leader, able to motivate and inspire the staff […]


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