Don’t skimp on education

The most successful businesses are the ones who significantly invest resources in institutes, in academies and in international trainers in the long term.

That’s what our panel of experts agreed on at Professional Beauty’s ninth industry roundtable, focused on Advancing Education.

Taking part in the discussion was Bianca Polinelli from Just Lashes, Otto Mitter from Ex-Import Niche Products, Emma Hobson from Dermalogica, Pene Timberlake from Syneron Candela, Karla McDiarmid from Macquarie Medi Spa, Anh Hoang from Le Beauty, Jess Goldenberg from The Therapist Co and Kylie Scarfe from Vamp Cosmetic Clinic.

It was unanimous that a dedication toward ongoing industry education and training helped transform the profits of the salon, clinic, or spa that participants owned or managed.

Kylie Scarfe from Vamp Cosmetic Clinic said her clinic predominantly focused on device-based treatments and that a couple of years ago, they purchased a picosecond laser from Syneron Candela, which was a big investment.

“There are other picosecond lasers in the area, but we believe we’re the best at using it because we’ve invested the time in training,” she said.

Pene Timberlake from Syneron Candela said she looked at partnering with salons or clinics who were interested in ongoing education and who wanted to get the most out of their devices.

“Having an open mindset, and educational mindset, and a curious mindset, is really what we’re after when we’re partnering with clinics,” she said.

Otto Mitter from Ex-Import Niche Products said a salon he worked with in the US started moving into the education world, which “really increased profits dramatically for their business, and all of their staff as well”.

Emma Hobson from Dermalogica said the company was founded on education.

“If you look at the top 20 percent of our customers that bring in the greatest amounts of revenue, I can look at the training that they provide for their staff, and there’s a direct correlation of those that invest in staff for training, are some of our top earning, and top performing customers,” she said.

Karla McDiarmid from Macquarie Medi Spa said education had been her success.

“That’s what made us who we are today,” she said.

Anh Hoang from Le Beauty said “education sells better than a hard sell”.

Watch the video below to see the full discussion at our roundtable.

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