Business lessons in beauty

The small business path is never smooth, but how you navigate hiccups and hardships can largely determine the outcome of your company’s success.

This is why we asked our panel of successful guests at Professional Beauty’s eighth Industry Roundtable to describe an honest tale of struggle in their career and share how they were able to overcome the trials and tribulations to ultimately achieve a positive outcome for themselves and their business.

The topic was mulled over in detail by six industry experts  Carley Dowdle from asap skin products, Yvette Wyeth from Activeskin, Tina Copland from Jax Wax Australia, Emma-Rose Dermody from Ivy Brow Co, Mandy Gray from True Solutions and Sonya Annesley from InnerSense Beauty & Day Spa – over lunch as part of the discussion focused on Empowering Women.

The collective key learning was that you couldn’t be all things to everybody.

Our thought leaders stressed the importance of building trust and relationships in business.

Carley said it was tough to relocate the business from the Gold Coast to Melbourne as they’d outgrown their manufacturing capability, which meant losing some of her amazing team.

Yvette said the internet was a real turning point for her business, as she had some suppliers that really supported her move and some that didn’t.

Sonya said forming partnerships with different companies saved her business from going bust as she needed to big or get out of the industry.

Mandy said it was crucial to know your limitations and accept limitations of the business.

Tina said it was awful losing her company trademark after a copyright infringement was taken out against the business in Europe, but ultimately rebranding her business resulted in a positive outcome.

Watch the video below for the full discussion.

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