Many cosmetic manufacturers are focusing on environmental impacts, however, few are looking at their social impacts.

How can brands go further to create social value in their communities, which in turn drives brand loyalty?

This question was mulled over by industry experts at the seventh Professional Beauty Industry Roundtable: The Inspired Salon.

Suppliers and salon professionals joined forces to discuss the importance of reaping what you sow.

Our attendees included Dermalogica general manager Kristie Millgate, Dermatonics co-founder Donna Lee Marcal, awarded salon owner and educator Gay Wardle, Bohéme Skin and Beauty owner Kim Baker, Endota SON Group owner Sally Cantwell and Heavenly Retreat Skin Correction Beauty Spa owner Helen Gerasimou.

The pointed out although some big brands had set up foundations or had offered charitable donations, that giving back could start from helping an individual.

Sally said on a local level, it was really important that you started small and that you did something that resonated with you.

Kim said Bohéme Beauty had always supported lots of local charities and regularly supported the Townsville Hospital Foundation.

Donna said Dermatonics contributed locally, particularly to schools and young people.

Helen said it was important to start at an individual level, and giving back could be helping a stressed mum who walked into your salon.

Kristie said Dermalogica was passionate about giving back which was why the Financial Independence Through Entrepreneurship programme started, which looks at ways to empower women.

Gay said what you put out is what you get back and she gave regularly to local charities, but worked with two in particular – on helping spina bifida and the other being the Look Good, Feel Better workshops.

Watch the video below to see the full discussion and make sure you visit our Roundtable hub to see what else our industry experts had to say on the inspired salon.