One Eleven Strikes Gold With Ayurvedic Ingestible Beauty Product

While it’s no secret the beauty supplements market is overwhelmed with choice, every so often a brand will come across our desks that surprises and delights. For Hannah Gay, One Eleven did just that – uniquely formulated, distinguishably tasty, and oozing with style – the brand’s Bliss formula was hard to ignore. Hannah caught up with co-founders Cassie Cameron and Dylan Smith to discover more.

Congratulations on your beautiful brand! Briefly outline your background and what skills you’ve brought to the development of One Eleven?

Cassie: “For the past decade prior to the inception of One Eleven, I worked as a fashion model in Australia, LA, New York, London and Germany. Through my experiences, I was able to witness the art direction, latest innovations and creation of some of the world’s leading beauty and fashion brands. In my downtime between shoots and castings, I often hung out at the adaptogenic mushroom smoothie bars in LA years ago, regularly frequenting day spas, facialists and fitness spaces.

In 2015 my husband Matt and I founded Fit Nutrition, with the intention to connect people seeking greater health through high-quality products to support them with their goals. Through this experience I was able to gauge what people are looking for, what works, what doesn’t – and most importantly how we can be doing better in this category.

I’ve always had a passion for wellness and had been interested in health innovation throughout my career, but it wasn’t until I hit burnout through practically running myself into the ground that I really awakened to what being healthy meant. I was burning the candle at both ends, and although I thought I was ‘healthy’, I was only focusing on health in a physical and more isolated sense with a very goal-oriented approach solely on physical appearance. I realised I needed a more holistic and complete system to follow to feel in balance and like I was thriving rather than just surviving, which encompassed the mind, body and spirit.

This led me to learn Vedic meditation, explore the holistic health science of Ayurveda, which helped bring myself back into balance by practicing nature’s principles and rituals. Not only did my energy, sleep and overall health improved, but I cultivated a glow from within. It became a burning passion of mine to integrate all of my life experiences and skills to date to share the world’s most ancient health science in a luxurious and modern way for people of today to enjoy and adopt easily, and that’s when One Eleven Health was born.”

One Eleven houses their powder formulations in sleek gold canisters

One Eleven’s Bliss formula combines ayurvedic herbs designed to work synergistically for the betterment of the mind, body and spirit. How does the ingredient list work to support skin health?

Cassie: “The synergistic blend of herbs in Bliss have a soothing, calming and cooling effect on the physiology which helps to calm the skin down. This makes Bliss especially supportive for those who have inflamed skin. In addition, Bliss helps to reduce stress and promote deeper more restful sleep, two very important factors in skin health and maintaining a youthful glow. Our wellness, resort and beauty stockists find that Bliss is a complementary addition to the experience they offer their clients as it supports both relaxation and skin health.”

“Our wellness, resort and beauty stockists find that Bliss is a complementary addition to the experience they offer their clients as it supports both relaxation and skin health.”

I understand the product is an adaptogen. What does this mean and why was this an important component to the design of this formula?

Cassie: “An adaptogen is a herb that adapts to what the body needs. When taken in the morning, they support the body to utilise its own energy versus consumption at night, where they support the body to calm down to a state for deep sleep – making these herbs incredibly beneficial for general health. They basically say to your body, ‘hey – do what you gotta do. We’re here to support whatever that is’.”

Dylan: “An adaptogen supports the body’s intelligence to adapt to its health needs in any given moment. For example, a blend of adaptogens like Bliss boosts energy in the morning when the body requires that, and supports deep restful sleep when taken before bed when the body naturally wants to sleep.

It is important for One Eleven to provide adaptogens in our formula because not only does it provide powerful support for today’s stressful world, but also mostly all body types, ages and people with a diverse range of conditions may take this herb and the intelligence of the herb will adapt to what those unique individual needs.”

One Eleven’s debut Bliss product

You mentioned you believe Bliss works in tangent with other ingestibles like collagen, etc. How should Bliss be served and consumed?

Cassie: “Bliss is supportive of overall health, and contains benefits that are essential for beauty and glowing skin such as vitality, stress reduction and deep sleep. I like to think of it as a foundational beauty supplement, and ingestible beauty supplements such as collagen as the cherry on top. They can work perfectly in tandem – Bliss is fantastic on its own, and can support the effects of beauty supplements by supporting overall youth and vitality.

Dylan: “Since Bliss includes whole herbs, it is like food. Therefore, it may be used alongside (and will complement) any supplement, medication and alternative medicine protocol. Add a quarter of a teaspoon of Bliss in any hot drink (the heat helps deliver the herbs deeper into the body). Add it to plain hot water for a sweet calming tea, hot milk for a very relaxing and nourishing beverage, or in your coffee to reduce some of the overstimulating effects of caffeine.”

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