In Print: Alma Laser Australia launches Soprano Titanium

Looking for a salon laser device that can treat all skin types including sun tanned skin? Anita Quade chats to Alma Laser Australia’s clinical application specialist Tiarnna Smith about the local launch of Soprano Titanium.

Alma Laser Australia’s Tiarnna Smith

Alma’s Soprano Titanium laser removal is finally here in Australia. What are the major highlights of the device?

“The major highlight of the Soprano Titanium is that it can treat all skin types including sun tanned and artificially tanned skin. It also treats blonde, red and dark hair. The treatments are comfortable and safe due to the In-Motion technology and strong contact cooling. The Soprano can do a full body hair removal treatment in 30 minutes and all treatments are virtually pain free.”

How does it differ from the laser hair removal devices on the market? 

“The Soprano Titanium treats all skin types including sun tanned and artificially tanned skin. Additionally, traditional LHR delivers a high burst of energy all at once. The Soprano Superior Hair Removal (SHR) breaks this energy up into smaller bursts meaning it’s virtually pain free and much safer.” 

How many salons are offering this device? 

“The Soprano Titanium is huge globally with a large install base and thousands of satisfied clients. In Australia, you can find your local Soprano provider via our website’s Certified Providers page.”

What are the benefits for salons investing in this equipment? 

“There are a wide range of benefits for salons investing in the Soprano Titanium. There are no consumables, reduced risk, virtually pain free to clients so they return for ongoing treatments, can be used all year round, and treats all Fitzpatrick skin types.”

How can salon owners maximise return on investment with Alma? 

“Alma Lasers Australia has local service, marketing and clinical teams who provide a 360-degree holistic support. We also host regular educational events for salon owners to upskill. Alma prides ourselves on no/minimal consumables with all our devices and the Soprano Titanium is a no consumable device. It can treat fake tanned and sun-tanned skin which means salon owners no longer have to turn clients away. There is also no external cooling device needed because the Soprano has inbuilt contact cooling. Furthermore, the device takes up minimal floor space meaning it’s perfect for small clinics or clinics with minimal room. Lastly, Alma offers a device trade-in program if and when newer models are released.”

A major highlight especially in Australia is that it can be used on tanned and self tanned skin – tell us about that? 

“It’s safe for sun tanned and fake tanned skin. We use three wavelengths (755nm, 810nm, and 1064nm) making it safe for all skin types all year round. Our strong in-built contact cooling and in motion (gradual accumulation of energy) also increases the safety profile.

It is marketed as virtually pain free – can you tell us about the technology that makes this possible?

  • “In motion (gradual accumulation of energy makes it comfortable)
  • Strong in built contact cooling.”
The Soprano Titanium is a unique LHR device

Results differ for each client – how many treatments are needed to see its effectiveness?

“Standard treatments needed: 8 – 10+ sessions. It really varies on the individual themselves as no two clients are the same.”

It is known as the fastest laser on the market – tell us about this. How long does it take for laser hair removal in comparison to traditional devices?

“The Soprano Titanium can do a full body 30 minutes compared to traditional LHR which can take 1.5hrs + for full legs. Furthermore, the Soprano features two spot size options 2cm2 and 4cm2 for faster coverage and hence treatment time.”

It has a huge following amongst celebrities including Victoria Beckham and Kim Kardashian – how important is it to have this endorsement? 

“It is great to see familiar faces using and loving the device – it builds trust. Social proof in this industry is critical.”

Any other major advantages of this device?

  • “No consumables
  • Reduced risk
  • Virtually pain free for clients so they return. Pain has traditionally been one of the major barriers for clients
  • Treats red, blonde and dark hair
  • Can treat all year round. Treats sun tanned skin safely
  • Treats all Fitzpatrick skin types
  • Safe to treat over fake tan – no more turning clients away. Less cancellations
  • 360-degree holistic support from Alma Laser Australia team on your Alma journey.”

Tiarnna is a Biomedical Engineer with a post graduate degree in Human Nutrition with a keen interest in lasers and holistic skin health. At Alma Lasers, she heads education and clinical training across the surgical, medical aesthetic, and beauty divisions with a strong focus on laser safety. Tiarnna will be speaking about the fantastic client results achieved with Alma Lasers portfolio of devices.

To learn more, visit the Alma Lasers Australia website.

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