Alpha H is supporting female-founded small business this holidays

Ahead of the holiday season cosmeceutical brand, Alpha-H is partnering with five female-founded businesses. As the brand launches its online gifting program they will share their platform, promoting curated gifts from small, female-founded brands.

Alpha-H relaunched their professional range this year, and have a range of backbar formulations available to salon partners. Chief Commercial Officer Tina Randello said the relaunch of the professional range has only reinforced Alpha-H’s close relationship with female small business owners.

Tina Randello
Apha-H Chief Commercial Officer, Tina Randello

Randello told Professional Beauty, “The re-launch of our Professional range this year (Alpha-H Prescriptive) not only celebrates our clinical roots, but continues this theme of supporting (mostly) female entrepreneurs in the beauty and wellness industry.  One of the new elements of our professional range is our affiliate program.  It allows clinics to benefit from product sales they prescribe to their clients via our Alpha-H platform.  This is about rewarding and recognising the professional salon and clinics we have relationships with, and helping future proof their revenue streams through our partnership.”

After a trying year Randello fees it is more important than ever for major brands with large platforms to pay it forward. She says, “Now, more than ever, female-founded small businesses need our support. Given our heritage and wide-reaching platform, we felt it was both our responsibility and honour to work directly with this inspiring collective of female founders. We hope this will continue into an ongoing partnership and mentorship of women in business.”

Alpha-H will be featuring Victorian regional artist Morgan Jamieson’s work across their holiday packaging.

Alpha-H has focused on brands and founders with unique points of difference this holidays.

The brands:

Damn Gina, founded by Sumana Jayanth who realised there was a gap in the market for a product that helped women embrace and celebrate their na tural curls. She said that after chemically straightening her hair for years, the ranges silk hair turbans have provided the perfect solution for keeping her natural hair protected overnight.

Sumana Jayanth
Damn Gina founder Sumana Jayanth

Zove Beauty, a range of jade Gua Sha and Facial Roller tools brought to market by Adeline Yeak. Yeak provides specialist Gua Sha education, explaining the practices rich Chinese cultural heritage and correlations with mental health and wellbeing.

Adeline Yeak
Zove Beauty founder Adeline Yeak

Rosewell, a sex and intimacy brand for women has released a range of cards titled “Dinner Parties” that look to promote intimacy amongst family, friends and strangers. The “Intimacy Cards” have been a viral sensation. The deck of cards contains prompting questions (questions include: “What is something most people don’t know about you?” and “How do your morals impact your everyday life?”) that are designed to help create “elevating, engaging and emotionally-driven” conversations amongst players. Founder Alisha Williams says she wanted to empower women, in particular, to discuss their feelings and desires, whether the setting is social or romantic. She says “we started thinking about what intimacy actually means to us. Our card decks, as intimacy queues felt like a natural extension of that.”

Alisha Williams
Rosewell founder Alisha Williams

Randello says: “Supporting women is at the heart of everything we do at Alpha-H, from building skin resilience with our range of AHA’s to pioneering the Encoreship- a return to work program for women re-entering the workforce.” 

Alpha-H is also partnered with Gold Coast-based not-for-profit Support the Girls with 15% of all limited-edition profits from Alpha-H donated directly to the cause. The charity provides professionally fitted bras, underwear, toiletries and menstrual hygiene products for women in need.

The Alpha-H holiday range is available to professional salons and clinics for retailing purposes. To read more about their professional range, you can read more here and here.

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