Alpha-H launches professional skincare Prescriptive Range for salon partners

Cult Australian skincare brand Alpha-H has reimagined its professional skincare offering. Today marks the launch of the Alpha H Prescriptive Range for use in salons and skin clinics, building on their legacy of gold-standard, in-salon treatments. Alpha-H has deep roots in the professional skincare industry since being founded more than 25 years ago.

It was one of the first brands to innovate using Glycolic Acid for transformative results both at home and in salon (hello, Liquid Gold), with their ground-breaking cosmeceutical formulations, and in the clinic with pioneering peels and treatments. In fact, the iconic Liquid Gold exfoliating tonic is modelled off a professional treatment and formulated for complementary, progressive at-home use without downtime, revolutionising the industry and the way we think about exfoliation.

“We are extremely proud and thankful for salon heritage that has helped lead the brand to international success. We know our clinic partners are an essential element of our business and this change of strategy recognises this by bringing them closer into the core of the brand.
Together we will share the Acid Authority philosophy , personalised and clinical grade solutions while always respecting the skin’s integrity and supporting skin health,” says Chief Commercial Officer, Tina Randello.

The new professional Prescriptive Range has a refreshed look and feel in keeping with the recently relaunched brand expression of Alpha-H. The select professional partners with whom the brand will launch the Prescriptive Range will will have the opportunity to participate in ongoing product development and collaborative content creation to educate on the safe and efficacious use of their powerful products. Each Alpha-H skin clinic or beauty salon will offer a menu of bespoke treatments personalised to the client’s unique skin type and concerns. These treatments provide a full suite of solutions for the full spectrum of skin concerns, from breakouts and pigmentation to dullness and premature ageing. Alpha-H’s clinical and salon partners form an extension of the comprehensive skincare services already provided by the brand which include virtual skin consultations and ongoing education through all consumer- facing platforms.

Another key change that forms part of this relaunch is that all professional partners will now be managed in-house by trained Alpha-H aestheticians. By bringing the management of their professional clinics and salons in-house, Alpha-H hopes to engage new like-minded partners and to elevate and refine the way they are working with existing partners. Hands-on support and training is a critical component of the new strategy which enables Alpha-H to provide an expert and elevated level of service to their clients, and ultimately the end customer. Together with their clinic and salon partners, Alpha-H looks to deliver on its core mission; to transform your skin, build its resilience and safeguard its health and vitality for life.

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