The Collagen Lounge makes its Sydney debut

In a much-anticipated opening, The Collagen Lounge in Waterloo has opened its doors. The Collagen Lounge specialises in full-body LED light therapy, and is one of a handful of businesses that offer the service. It is also the first business in Australia dedicated solely to full-body treatments.

LED light therapy has been one of the breakout treatments of the last ten years, from beauty salons and skin clinics to retailers ranging at-home treatment options, businesses are responding to increased consumer demand for easy, pain-free and effective treatments.

While most LED treatments and products focus on the area above the decollete, light therapy can also provide LED light therapy can reduce body acne, support the healing of scars and burns, decrease exercise-induced muscle fatigue. There is some evidence that light therapy can even lower blood pressure and provide preventative support against cardiovascular diseases.

Collagen lounge interiors

The luxurious space is equipped with ergonomic beds that help clients unwind while they reap the benefits. Founder and owner Sandra Gavelan say, “One of the best things about red light therapy beds is that there is no preparation required and no pain. Clients can unwind in one of our comfortable collagen-enhancing beds while the red light works its magic on their skin.” Clients wanting to ramp up their glow as summer approaches can also peruse a range of skin-supporting supplements following an appointment.

The popularity of LED has exploded as clients seek alternatives to down-time intensive treatments like laser or intense pulsed light therapies.

Collagen lounge beds

Sandra says that those in their 20s and 30s will see the greatest benefits, as a preventative anti-aging step. She notes: “It takes around three to six months to see long-lasting differences in the skin’s quality. As with most skincare treatments, clients can expect to see fantastic results with consistent use: I recommend visiting Collagen Lounge two to three times per week, but there’s no harm in visiting more than that. So long as clients maintain sunscreen use, drink plenty of water and keep up an evidence-based skincare routine, nothing else is required!”

Professional Beauty’s very own Beaut Editor Hannah Gay had the pleasure of trialling the treatment last week. Her review? “There’s no greater joy than taking a moment to lay back and recharge mentally, all while experiencing a head-to-toe, anti-aging treatment for the skin. No needles, lotions or downtime required – tick, tick, tick!”

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