Oz online sales power ahead

Health and beauty products make up 9 percent of Australian’s online purchases, according to new research by Power Retail.

The company’s new ‘Shopper Profile’ report on online Health and Beauty shoppers concluded that health and beauty products have become “one of the most significant commodities” in Australia’s retail market since the introduction of social media and digital shopping.

Key findings in the report, based on a survey of over 20,000 health and beauty shoppers around the country, include.

  1. Customers spend under $150 in an average transaction.
    Seventy five percent of online health and beauty shoppers said they spent $21 to $150 on their last online order (excluding delivery and insurance charges) while 7 percent said they spent less than $20 and two percent reported spending more than $350.
  2. Customers typically shop in the same place more than once.
    The shoppers typically put 3.4 items in their baskets. This means that health and beauty products, albeit pricey, are not generally seen as ‘impulse’ purchases. Thirty-eight percent of shoppers have bought from the same retailer 2-5 times in the last 12 months.
  3. Almost half of customers buy mostly discounted products. Forty nine percent of online health and beauty shoppers buy ‘most of their items on sale or via promotion’. 37 percent of shoppers plan their online shopping around a sales event ‘a little’, whereas 32 percent do a ‘moderate amount’. Popular sale events include EOFY, Black Friday, Boxing Day and Click Frenzy.
  4. Influencers may not be all that influential Even though social media shopping wouldn’t be the same without influencers, it turns out that they may not actually pull that much impact on customers when shopping online. Online health and beauty shoppers follow 3.8 influencers on social media, with 58 percent following someone in the beauty industry. However, only 53 percent of online shoppers share the content that influencers promote at least once a month.

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