Most women don’t believe skincare claims

The majority of Australian women believe their skincare products don’t deliver the full results they promise, according to a new survey.

The survey of 1010 Australian women commissioned by Australian-made nutraceutical line Entity Health aimed to discover how women feel about the efficacy of their skincare products for various skin concerns.

According to the company, 83 per cent of the women said their skincare products claim to produce more results than they do – and around one in three (35 per cent) said their skincare products do not improve their skin at all.

In addition, 67 per cent of the women said their products don’t help treat the specific conditions, such as dullness, wrinkles and skin sagging, dark pigmentation, sunspots, scars and acne, that they claim to.

@ Entity Health

Releasing the survey results, Entity Health medical spokesperson Dr Janakan Krishnarajah said it seems to be common knowledge among Australian women that “skincare products won’t necessarily treat their skin concerns even when those products target specific concerns”.

He said it was therefore not surprising that women are considering options beyond topic treatments for their skin.

“Inside-out approaches, such as natural supplementation, are becoming increasingly recognised and taken up as an alternative method of addressing specific concerns such as skin dullness, skin spots and pigmentation.”

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