Lycon’s Training Trip to China and Hong Kong

Earlier in June, Lydia Jordane, CEO of Lycon visited China and Hong Kong for product training and waxing education.


Over the course of two weeks, Lydia visited Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong training Lycon sales agents, training staff and salon stockists – leading the growing waxing market in these Asian countries.

The training covered areas such as the Lycon waxing system product knowledge and Lycon waxing techniques. “The trip was amazing! The enthusiasm of the attendants was fantastic – everyone wanted to jump into total body waxing,” said Lydia.

A few years back when Lydia visited a Hong Kong beauty salon for a bikini wax, she was ushered out the door and told it was a rude request. Waxing is still not in high demand in these regions but it is certainly catching on with much interest and excitement for all concerned – by the Chinese ladies as well as the large expatriate population in China and Hong Kong.

As a pioneer of the waxing industry in these regions, Lydia continues to grow the market with product offerings and education.

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