Vani-T Members Investment Buy In

Australian brand Vani-T has announced new partnerships with a team of field professionals this month.

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The new partnerships have coincided with the brand’s decennial anniversary – celebrating 10 years of Vani-T and the brand’s exciting future with new support.

Tania Walsh, CEO at Vani-T, describes this announcement as a new and exciting phase for her company. The partnership will come in the form of a member investment buy in. “Seeking like-minded professionals I admire is the only way I can imagine sharing my passion in furthering Vani-T,” she said.

Staff joining Tania on this new endeavour include Vani-T global business manager Trina Randall and company accountant Jacqueline Day. New recruits to the team include business development expert Allison Khalil and company business/tax advisor Callan Rogers.

The new investors will also partake in future business planning, offering their wealth of experience to the brand.

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