Study reveals: Gen X and Gen Y want thigh gap

A recent study finds that nearly half of all Gen X and Gen Ys desire a gap between their thighs. We ask leading cosmetic physician, Dr Saras Sundrum about the reality of unrealistic body obsessions

Get your tickets!

The Global Beauty Group announces its Worksop + Wisdom: Cracking the Code of Beauty Business Success seminars. We talk to beauty business expert Caroline Nelson about what to expect.

Mr Green-Thinker

We sit down with Ian Lirenman, founder and CEO of EmerginC, to talk about sticking to brand philosophy, following your business instincts, and creating positive changes in perception.

Ultraderm holds conference for salons

Australian cosmeceutical brand, Ultraderm, is holding its first salon partner conference this June with a stellar lineup of experts. Register now!

The new way to strobe

We talk to Carol Mackie, senior artist at M.A.C Cosmetics, about the makeup brand’s new technology in strobing.


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