IMBIBE founder Felicity Evans is championing zero-trace beauty with ingestible collagen

Felicity Evans, founder of collagen brand IMBIBE is continuing her efforts to make sustainability sexy with the release of a reusable (and very chic) 300g Miracle Collagen Biophotonic Miron Glass Jar. The jar is optimised to fit with IMBIBE’s zero-trace 100% compostable collagen refill bags. We spoke to Felicity about the explosive growth of the ingestible market, the secrets behind effective, bioavailable collagen formulations, and the importance of creating values-driven products. Read more below:

Previous to being a brand founder, what was your professional background? 

I was an event manager for an aviation company, flying across the globe and putting together large scale events and activations.  

What inspired you to create your own collagen? 

I was experiencing an autoimmune condition that had severely affected my gut, hair and skin health. I was also in my mid-30s and in that depleted postpartum period my hair was stuck at shoulder-length for a few years and stubbornly refused to grow.  Knowing that strong and healthy hair, skin and nails are a direct reflection of inner vitality and optimal nourishment I spent months looking for a pure and bioactive collagen peptide that would help both my gut health, skin health and of course hair quality.  The intention was to create a product that I needed for that stage of my life for my healing, and it worked!

IMBIBE Collagen's miron glass jar

Could you explain the importance of molecular weight in making collagen effective?

Collagen is made up of amino acid chains that start off long and through a process of hydrolyzation become shorter peptides which makes them more bioavailable.  Because our Miracle Collagen has a specific molecular weight of 2kDa it is clinically shown to actually have a direct stimulatory effect on the fibroblast to stimulate collagen in the skin, rather than just a protein powder type of amino acid chain which is found in so many other Collagen products.

Could you talk us through the 10 years of research that’s informed Miracle Collagen Bioactive Collagen Peptides? 

IMBIBE always works with incredibly smart scientists and chemists from around the world who have access to the latest cutting edge technology.  The group we work with in Germany have been studying the effect of bioactive collagen peptides on the hair, skin and nails for 10 years and IMBIBE is very proud to have brought this innovation to Australia, several years ago.

Why do you think the collagen market has exploded in recent years and what sets a great ingestible product apart from the crowd? 

I think we’re all looking to age gracefully and with strength – I know I am!  Collagen is an amazing (& proven) tool that can help that – honestly you can see your hair and nails grow like crazy after just a few days of use.  With so many supplements and treatments on the market that are still being tried and tested, it’s no wonder that Collagen has become so popular – it’s just so easy to slip into your everyday routine – just like brushing your teeth.  

Felicity Evans imbibe

A great ingestible product should really be based on science and clinically performing ingredients and not packed with excipients and flavouring like so many other products on the market are.  Also, look at the intention behind the brand – are they just in it for a quick trend, or is there authenticity backing the performance?

Can you talk us through your circular production method and work with the RSPCA? How important is it for wellness brands to minimize their environmental footprint?

From the very first bottle of IMBIBE we ever produced, we’ve been super passionate about minimising our environmental footprint and doing our part for not just the earth and our community, but the animals we live amongst. As a result, circular production has always been the way through for us. Circular really means that for whatever we create, we reuse, recycle or repurpose and that goes for our packaging too. Our new 300g jar means that you only have to purchase it once, and then can refill with our fully compostable Miracle Collagen bag. The jar itself is also completely recyclable and we’ve tried to make it as clean in design as possible so that it can also be reused for whatever you need (Hello chic pantry jars!) so that nothing goes to waste – ie. it’s a completely zero-waste product.

In terms of our work with the RSPCA, an unavoidable element of our work involves animal byproducts, they’re essential to the potency of our Collagen range (as of yet there is no true alternative to natural Collagen sources). Our Collagen peptides are strictly only sourced from animals who are cared for under the RSPCA’s five freedoms of animal welfare (Freedom from discomfort, freedom from pain, freedom from hunger & thirst, freedom to express normal behaviour & freedom from fear and distress).

We recognise and are shocked that so many companies still test on animals. We don’t test on animals, we never have and only work with companies and producers that strictly adhere to this moral code too.

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