Do you have wax fatigue?

Summer is here and you have back-to-back wax appointments from open to close. If any of these scenarios sound familiar, you could be suffering from wax fatigue. 


Do you have wax fatigue ?
Do you have wax fatigue ?


#1 You ask a brow wax appointment to take her underpants off. 

If you find yourself walking into a wax room and saying to your client “darling, you need to take your underwear off” when she’s just after a brow tidy-up, it might be time to take a moment out.

Wax relief: If things start getting overwhelming, take a minute between appointments to take a few deep breaths (oh, and check what you’re actually meant to be doing in the room before you get inside the door).


#2 You have done six Brazilians in a row yet you wouldn’t be able to identify a single client in a lineup.

When things get busy in the salon it can be tempting to just concentrate on your work, but you need to remember that your work is actually attached to a person, and sometimes she likes to be asked how her day is going.

Wax relief: It can be hard to crack a smile some days, let alone make small talk. But your client is paying you for a service, and that service really should be done with a smile (and perhaps a query about your client’s sick dog wouldn’t hurt either).


Could you identify your clients in a Brazilian lineup?
Could you identify your clients in a Brazilian lineup?


#3 You’re tweezing at ingrown hairs that just aren’t there. 

When we’re tired, we can get a little pedantic. If you’re hunched over a client’s legs looking for non-existent ingrown hairs, you might be over-tired.

Wax relief: Stretch. Between each client, stretch your arms above your head and stretch your back, first move your outstretched arms from side to side, then stretch them backwards, arching your back, then bring them all the way forward so your head is down near your legs. Stretching your spine like this will put oxygen back into your body and make you think more clearly. It only takes two minutes, so no excuses.


Feeling the desire to tweeze, and tweeze? You could be overtired.
Feeling the desire to tweeze, and tweeze? You could be overtired.



#4 Literally all you can smell is strawberry. (Wax, that is.)  

Your clients love the scent of your pot of warm, strawberry-scented wax; it helps relax them for a Brazilian. You love it too. Usually. But somehow you must have got a bit up your nose because you feel unable to smell anything else right now. Or is it just your imagination….?

Wax relief: Get outside. Window shop, phone a friend, sit on a park bench. Do anything, you like for half an hour, so long as it’s not waxing. You’ll love the scent of warm wax again when you get back in.


#5 You don’t know how it go there, but there seems to be wax in your hair. 

When things are frantic and you’re doing things at a pace, wax can get flicked about – in your hair, on your shoes. The walls.

Wax relief: Getting wax out of your hair can be tricky. The best way is to spray it with a post-wax oil then gently pull the wax out. Same with shoes (and the wall).



Have your say: Summer is a busy time of year, how do you keep sane? 



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