Wax etiquette

Most wax appointments are straightforward – client wants a wax, client gets a wax –  but every now and then you might have to think twice about how to handle the situation with style.


Some tricky situations can crop up in the wax room from time to time.
Some tricky situations can crop up in the wax room from time to time.


#1 There are more than a few ingrown hairs down there

As a professional you need to help your clients discover ways solve their skin issues, but don’t shame them into submission.

Wax étiquette: Don’t go straight for the issue, ask what their routine is and then tactfully suggest solutions to the problem. Talking about what they can do, rather than focusing on the problem is a good way to avoid upsetting anyone.


#2 You really want them to buy more product 

Up-selling is a great way to boost your business’ profits, but bullying your clients to buy will backfire.

Wax étiquette: Show your client your suggestions after their appointment but instead of saying “So do you want to buy it? Well do you, huh?” Just say “I thought I’d show you this buffing mitt, it’s fantastic for getting rid of ingrown hairs.” and leave it at that.


#3 She’s young. Really young 

Girls are growing up younger and younger these days . But what if you get a young girl asking for more than a leg wax.

Wax étiquette: There is no law on how old a client has to be for a wax, but performing a Brazilian on anyone younger than sixteen can come with issues. Some salons offer waxing to tweens and teens but the best way to cover yourself is to make sure under-16s have their mother or a responsible adult with them.


She may not be wearing flares, but...
She may not be wearing flares, but…


#4 She’s living in the ’70s

Sure, the trend these days is for hair-free or nearly hair-free, but if you have a client who surprises you with a full bush, don’t pull faces.

Wax étiquette: You can never really know what’s awaiting you behind the wax room door but you’re a professional so sure, of course you need to check out the, err, situation, but don’t let your personal feelings show on your face.


Tissues and the wax room don't mix.
Tissues and the wax room don’t mix.


#5 You have a runny nose

If you worked in an office, you might be able to hide away until a cold goes away (although still, your coworkers might not exactly agree) but because you work so closely with other people, it’s just not ok to be sneezing all over a client, or sniffing your way through a wax.

Wax etiquette: Take a day or two off and get rid of the cold before you bend over the legs of a wax client. Dirty tissues in the wax room aren’t a good look.



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