Christina launches Illustrious treatment

Christina Cosmeceuticals has launched an in-salon treatment that promises to de-pigment and whiten the skin for less than $20 per treatment.

Based on four separate techniques (inhibition of tyrosinase, inhibition of melanin transfer, absorption of melanin and degradation of melanin), the new Illustrious treatment was developed to overcome the limitations of previous in-salon whitening treatments.

Matoyla Kollaras, the managing director of Skin Factors (Christina’s distributor in Australia) said the treatment would replace the brand’s Fluoroxygen+C skincare range which had been “a very effective and highly appreciated brightening line” for the last 10 years.

“The world of skincare has however evolved during these years, and thanks to scientific and technological advancements Christina Cosmeceuticals has been able to develop a new, ground- breaking brightening line of products.”

She said the Illustrious treatment is made up of seven distinct stages and is supported by follow-up home care.

“The Illustrious products contain powerful brightening ingredients that replace hydroquinone and brightening ingredients from the previous generation that are often characterised by unwanted side effects such as high photo sensitivity, high irritability and a vicious cycle of re-pigmentation.

“The Illustrious products contain new-generation brightening peptides, curcumin, Chilean Boldo tree extract, niacinamide, stable vitamin C complex, along with herbal extracts which are rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory elements, minerals, and H/A.

“Together these brilliant ingredients will help achieve significant brightening and lightening effects, plus prevent the formation of new pigmentation, without compromising the health and integrity of the skin.”

According to Kollaras, the new treatment offers salons and their clients three main advantages.

“The first advantage is that it just works,” she says.

“The second advantage is that it is a powerful one-hour system which costs the therapist less than $20.00 per treatment – an excellent return on investment!

The third advantage is that the highly effective homecare is extremely affordable.”

In addition,

  • The new generation brightening ingredients are a safer and healthier alternative to previous brightening products.
  • The ingredients do not cause irritation and are recommended for use even on sensitive skin.
  • The line is suitable for use throughout all seasons of the year. (This is important since treatment of hyper pigmentation can be a long process – interrupting a skin brightening treatment during the summer months causes unwanted regression and can reverse results previously achieved.
  • This line is paraben, petrochemicals and SLS free and not tested on animals.

Kollaras stresses that Illustrious is more than just a pigmentation treatment.

It is also a powerful anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory system,” she said.

“We call it the ‘WOW Facial’ because we guarantee your clients will be wowed from the very first treatment and it will open the door for re-bookings.”

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