Caronlab shares its top tips to build you waxing empire and it’s offering 70% off to help you do it

Current generations are spending more on beauty than any before them. More than ever, it’s about looking and feeling your best, and people are not afraid to pay for it. A clientele that spends big on beauty treatments want them done by specialists. They don’t get Brazilians done at the nail bar anymore. Their brows are shaped under the watchful of their one-and-only brow guru. Being a well-known specialist in your field pays off… but how do you build that (niche) empire?  

It starts with passion

The most important thing is passion. If you’re passionate about what you do, you manifest great things. Building an empire cannot be done without it: it takes blood, sweat and tears and lots of time and patience – things that you can’t sustain without that unstoppable drive. Caronlab Australia was built on a passion for great quality waxing products (and born from frustration with the waxes at that time!). The niche you choose should reflect your biggest passion. If you absolutely love creating the perfect brow – become a brow specialist, if you thrive on helping people on their rejuvenation journey – become a skincare specialist and so forth. Your passion doesn’t need to be for a specific treatment, think out of the box: the best manicure specialists excel in their job because they are extremely artistic and create unique nail art.

Become an expert

It seems like an open door, but becoming a specialist takes training and lots of practice. But training isn’t enough to set yourself apart from others in your field. Your clients need to experience the difference between your treatment and their previous one. Your technique is what keeps your clients coming back for more. Just like every client is different, every therapist is different too; there is no 1 technique that suits everyone. Find people in the industry that you look up to and watch their techniques, look at what they do differently, practice on friends and family to see if it works for you too. After a while, the movements that work for you will stick, others won’t and what’s left is your signature technique.

Choose the right product

Just as important as technique is using the right products for treatment and pre and post care. If we take the example of brow waxing, it’s very important that the wax you use is effective, but still gentle on the skin. With the increased use of skincare products that remove dead skin cells (like retinoids, BHA’s and AHA’s) the skin on the face is more sensitive than ever. Choosing a gentle pre wax cleanser paired with a wax that is specifically formulated for the sensitive skin on the face can make all the difference. A wax that has the right consistency to contour and wrap around brows smoothly makes it easier for you to create an exceptional result. Cooling the skin with a soothing after care lotion should be part of your routine anyway, but if you want to take it a step further, you can use a product that conceals any redness that has occurred. Your client needs to look and feel her best when walking out your door.

Build your brand

When you have your signature technique and the right product, it’s time to build your personal brand. Authenticity is the number 1 most important trait to be successful with the Millennial and Gen Z clientele. They are prepared to pay more if a brand or specialist truly aligns with their values. You cannot fake this, it has to come from within. So take the time to really think about your brand: Who do you want to appeal to? What do they like? In what way does your personality align with that? Asking yourself these questions will help you create a philosophy that functions as a guideline for everything you do; from what your salon looks like and what your price point is, to how you communicate with your clients and how you build your team as you grow. You can even go so far as to create a moodboard with things that you feel are important to your personal brand. This can include words that describe you, colours that speak to you, images that express your philosophy – this is a great tool when you need to make decisions about the direction your business is going in!

Create (and maintain) a following

You’ve got all the ingredients to build your empire on your niche, so now it’s time to create a following. Millennials and Gen Z are known to trust the experiences of their peers, and they play a huge role in their decision making process. They read as many reviews as possible and follow social media accounts before they decide that you are the right fit for them. If you want to be viewed as a specialist within your niche, you need to invest in building a social media presence that appeals to the right clientele. Just like your salon, your social media profile needs to reflect your personality and your brand. Combine well-lit before and after pictures with quotes that fit your personality and videos of yourself performing treatments so clients know what to expect (if the treatments permit it of course, don’t post videos of Brazilians, please). Encourage clients to share their experiences and results on social media and actively build your clientele by offering free treatments to local (micro) influencers in exchange for social media posts and stories. Offer incentives to people that post reviews of your services – don’t worry about getting a negative review or two, as long as you deal with them correctly, it will add to your authenticity and help you attract the right clients.

Curate and merchandise

Congratulations: you’ve become a well-known specialist in your niche! Now it’s time to expand your empire with the right retail setup. It is very important that the brands you curate at your salon align with your (and your client’s) values. Go for quality over quantity; it’s better to have 1 or 2 brands that you are very passionate about and that add value to your client’s life than to try and offer a solution for every concern they might have. The product range needs to align with your chosen niche. If we take the example of a brow specialist, the ideal retail product could be a beautiful, locally made brow make up brand. The brazilian expert could opt for a cruelty free product range for prevention and treatment of ingrown hairs. If you find yourself recommending a certain product with every client, it could be worth exploring the option to brand it with your own logo (private label). This helps cement your status as expert in your niche and usually gives you a better margin at the same time!

Be patient!

Rome certainly wasn’t built in a day, so be realistic when you set your goals. Believe me when I say I know building an empire isn’t as easy as following some steps you read in an article. I’ve worked my behind off in the past 40 years to get to where I am today. It takes a lot of time and patience and often a bit of luck. No matter how long you’re in the business, always make an effort to stay on top of the latest trends in your niche. Be consistent and realign with your philosophy regularly to make sure you stay true to yourself and your clients. If you do this, you’re already ahead of 90% of your competition.

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