The Pinterest 2022 trend report is in: here are their top 5 beauty predictions

Pinterest has released its 2022 trend report, with an exhaustive 170 consumer trends derived from the 400 million data points (people) who visit the site monthly. We sifted through the 170 trends to find those that will impact the pro beauty industry in 2022.

Bejewelled beauty:

As seen in our 2021 runway report, Pinterest saw a rise in searches of all things sparkly and 3D. From tooth gems, dermal piercings, rhinestone pedicures and crystal eye makeup expect your clients to request hardware with their manis, pedis, piercings and makeup appointments this coming year.

Bejeweled beauty PB November-December issue

And speaking of nails:

Painterly designs are on the rise with Geode desert and constellation-inspired nail art are rising trends set to hit the salons in 2022, but the best nail techs are already there. Searches for Galaxy Nail art were up 115%, while Desert nails increased 105% – it’s almost like people have been missing exploring travel and the great outdoors.

Pinterest 2022 trend report nail art
Top left and bottom right aurora and geode nails by @Ellywood , middle left desert nails by @jessikapixie, middle left: astral and pearl by @mannequin.hands


There were interesting developments in the wellness space with increased searches for “aura colours” “frequency healing” and the quite specific “how to raise your vibration.” Meanwhile, “flexercise” was a hot topic. That’s low impact movements, presumably shaped by months spent indoors. Popular searches included “Lazy workout in bed,” “Daily stretching routine” and “walking in nature” (something most people did a fair bit of in 2021)

Wellness 2022 Pinterest report

Resort living:

Beauticians who work at resorts can expect to have a busy year. In 2022 people want to lay back rather than lean into their holidays with searches for all-inclusive resort packages skyrocketing.

Resorts set to trend Pinterest 2022 trend report

Small business boom:

There could be a small business boom, particularly in the lash and brow industry. There was a 60% rise in searches for “Eyelash business ideas” and a 100% rise in “mobile business ideas.” Many beauticians have decided to go out on their own following two years of intermittent lockdowns and job insecurity – meanwhile, office workers are abandoning their desks in droves to pursue side hustles and freelance work after being given time to reassess career paths (or likewise, become exhausted by tension around job insecurity) in 2022. Expect salon recruitment to be tougher and new competition from mobile and at-home businesses to be popping up everywhere.

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