Prescription skincare to be made accessible to dermal therapists via Fresh Clinics

The Secret, a medical strength prescription skincare line is partnering with Fresh Clinics, a clinic-in-a-box provider who has just announced a service expansion to non-medical skin care practitioners.

The Secret is a prescription-strength skin care line founded by Doctors Deb Cohen-Jones and Clara Hurst. Launched in 2019 the founders provided compounded medical-grade hydroquinone and tretinoin solutions for their e-commerce clients. Fresh Clinics provide “clinic-in-a-box” solutions for nurses, doctors, dentists and clinic owners. They have recently decided to expand their offering to dermal therapists in 2022. Fresh Clinics is a software company, founded by two cosmetic doctors, who provide paperwork systems, booking support, scripts, treatment authorisations and training. By partnering with Fresh, The Secret will be bringing their bespoke skincare to over 500 cosmetic providers nationwide, and for the first time, dermal therapists will have access to medical-strength prescriptions via the Fresh Software Platform.

Dr. John Delaney, co-founder of Fresh Clinics said of the decision to expand their offering to non-medical cosmetic practitioners was reflective of patients desires for more holistic approaches to treatment. He told Professional Beauty: “It’s important for clinics and businesses to be able to offer a wide range of services to their patients. What we are seeing now in the industry is patients investing in a holistic treatment plan, that includes all layers of the skin, anti-ageing and volume restoration. By working closely with dermal therapists, it allows them to leverage their existing clientele relationships who may otherwise seek these treatments elsewhere, and expand on our one-stop-shop model to assist them in growing their business.”

Dr. Deb Cohen, co-founder of The Secret
Dr Deb Cohen-Jones, co-founder of The Secret skincare

One of the biggest trends of 2021 has been the blurred lines between medical and cosmetic beauty treatments and in-salon and e-commerce beauty services. As covered in our November-December Talking Beauty, even facials went virtual during Covid-19 lockdowns, and beauty professionals of all stripes are looking to leverage the diverse desires of aesthetic consumers. Meanwhile, technology is making powerful skin treatments more accessible to beauty practitioners without medical qualifications.

Dr. John Delaney said that access to medical-grade skincare products, normally reserved for health care professionals will “elevate dermal therapists position in the aesthetic and skincare industry, and provide holistic treatment offerings for clientele to readily access.”

Meanwhile, Dr Clara Hurst and Dr Deb Cohen-Jones are thrilled that their solutions for hard to treat conditions like acne, pigmentation and melasma, will be available to a broader audience. They said in a public statement: “Our mission is to break down the barriers to make prescription skincare even more accessible to the everyday individual, and our exclusive partnership with Fresh Clinics will further support that vision, by introducing patients to a medical skincare solution without having to jump through unnecessary hoops.”

Dr. Clara Hurst, co-founder of The Secret skincare
Dr. Clara Hurst, co-founder of The Secret skincare

The partnership will continue to consolidate The Secret’s hold over the Australian market and draw in new customers, with an estimated $2 million per year in projected revenue.

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