The mother-daughter success story

Why do you choose to work with asap? 
I chose to work with asap skincare as I believe in the product. The products are simple, effective and affordable and furthermore, the brand is Australian Made, cruelty-free and can deliver results. From the research I conducted, asap skincare aligns with what I’d want to use on my own skin. Put simply, it works while also being an ethical product.

What is the most requested asap treatment on offer?
Microdermabrasion with sonophoresis and a peel to finish is our most requested treatment. The asap microplus+ is phenomenal and clients can’t believe the results they see after having 

a treatment. We make the experience special with scented candles and by creating a beautiful ambience in the room – it is so effective. The combination of providing quality asap skin products and professional training using the asap equipment is key to our success in treating the skin of each individual client.

Malveta and Alexandra’s salon has survived numerous recessions, and they’re confident they’ll survive this one too.

What are some key areas you are focussing on to ensure the success of your business post COVID-19?
The salon was closed for the longest time since the first day it opened – twelve long weeks. Post COVID-19 I have returned to my salon and have opened my business as if it was a brand
new business. I have gone back to basics and focused on the core of what I do and also focused on the promotion of the business and product ranges via social media. The core of my business is exceptional customer service and rapport, while providing the highest standard in services and attention to detail. We kept in touch with our clientele during our shutdown period and provided a delivery service for those needing top-ups of their asap skin products. We rely on our regular clientele heavily, so we have focused on pampering them and maintaining our long- standing connections while also promoting the business to attract a new clientele. This shut down period allowed me time to understand how passionate I am about what I do. It has given me a reinvigorated and re-energised approach to beauty therapy and that is why going the extra mile for my clientele isn’t hard work.

I understand The Nail & Beauty Connection is operated by a mother and daughter team! Tell us why you have chosen to work together, and about some of the highs and lows of working with family.
There are always going to be highs and lows working with family, as we care so much about one another. However, we leave it at the door when we finish and the day is done. Alexandra and I are Ying and Yang, and it is a huge positive that there is amazing loyalty, trust and wonderful communication between us. The real draw back from working with my daughter is that she is currently studying to become a registered nurse and once she has completed her study will no longer be a part of the business… she will be impossible to replace.

When did The Nail & Beauty Connection open its doors?
The salon first opened its doors in 1986 in The Adelaide Central Market, Market Plaza Arcade and traded there for 18 years. I then relocated to the salon’s current location in The Hutt Street precinct in 2004, all while surviving two recessions.

Describe your location and your clientele. 
85 percent of our male and female clients are regulars from a mid-to-high socioeconomic group. Providing consistency across a long period of time has been vital to my business’s success, in addition to our ability to reinvent the salon, has kept clients coming back.

Describe the look and feel of your salon. 
The ambience is warm, inviting and highly service-focused with hygiene and cleanliness being paramount. My clients tell me that my salon ‘hugs’ them as they walk in, which is exactly what I was after.

Having been in operation for so many years, what piece of advice would you like to pass onto other salon business owners?
Some advice that I can give to other salon owners is that your passion, attention to detail, level of service and incredible customer service are far more important than simply being a beauty therapist. As beauty therapists, the biggest part
of our work is to genuinely care about our clients and have the right customer service and good interpersonal skills. In the 21st century, especially post-COVID-19, personal interactions had within the salon are vital to the ongoing wellbeing of the business and to client satisfaction.

What treatments are offered at The Nail & Beauty Connection?
We exclusively use asap skin products and provide high-end facial treatments including microdermabrasion with sonophoresis using the asap microplus+ machine, asap peels, gym for the skin facials and tailored facials that suit various skin needs. All of these treatments can be tailored to anyone’s skin problems. We complement our asap beauty treatments with a full range of beauty services including waxing, tinting, and nail services. We make our treatments more luxurious by offering hot towels infused with essential oils for use, and a hand massage using asap body moist. I believe that these extra luxuries are what sets my salon apart. In addition, we offer the full range of asap pure mineral make up products. 

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