The Facial Trends You Need To Know About

Do you know what your clients want in their facial treatment, what they really, really, really want, zig-azig-ah?

2015 has seen its fair share of facial fads; treatments incorporating everything from live fire to snail mucous have caught major attention this year, but few have stood the test of time. (Especially when the possibility of third degree burns is a real threat).

So what are the treatments that have had the most staying power this year, and what skincare treatment trends are set to influence the year ahead? We’ve narrowed down the top three treatments you need to know about.

1. Deep cleansing

Thanks to new cutting edge technology, facial specialists and beauty therapists can now cleanse the skin on a deeper level than ever before. Smart salon devices harnessing the power of sound vibrations allow cleansing products to reach places in pores you’d only previously dreamed of, and they’re a big hit with clients of all age ranges.

2. Lymphatic treatments

Ever since model Cara Delvigne announced she used lymphatic facial treatments before big runway shows to look her best, lymphatic facials have become a worldwide hit. Aimed at promoting lymphatic drainage to ease fluid retention and puffiness, lymphatic drainage facial treatments can be performed manually, but for noticeable post treatment results, lymph drainage devices utilising sound vibrations to kick the lymph system into high gear are most effective.

3. Regeneration

The biggest buzz word in facial treatments this year is regeneration. Savvy clients are now looking for plumper, lifted and more youthful skin, minus the need to go under the needle or surgical knife. And while noticeably lifted results without the aid of invasive treatments were once a pipe dream, cutting edge salon technology harnessing the power of tri-polar radio frequency has now made that fantasy a reality, resulting in a surge of clients swapping their cosmetic doctor for the beauty salon and big potential for revenue gains for those salons offering the treatment.

Unlike older mono-polar and bi-polar technologies, such as thermage, which are more effective at generalised, rather than targeted treatment, tri-polar technology works by heating the dermis using a treatment head with three ‘poles’ emitting radio frequency waves to target the area immediately beneath the treatment head to a consistent depth of up to eight millimetres, stimulating fibroblasts – the cells responsible for producing new collagen growth.

For a device that performs all three of the latest facial treatment technologies, check out Thalgo’s iBeauty.

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