Celeb Skin Secrets To Steal For Your Salon

The stars make having flawless skin look easy, but who’s born with it and who has a little help from their trusty beauty therapist?

As beauty therapists, we’re privy to a secret few people know – almost no one is blessed with perfect skin.

Behind every person with a flawless complexion is a dedicated beauty therapist with a plethora of tools and tricks. And that includes celebs. Check out the stars born with secretly imperfect skin who have their facialists to thank for their picture perfect red carpet looks.

Kate Winslet

The secret: Winslet has always been open about the fact she’s not into invasive beauty treatments and prefers to set an example for her daughter by ageing the way nature intended, but that hasn’t stopped her getting a little non-invasive help to maintain that radiant complexion we’ve come to love and envy her for.

The treatment: Winslet uses a collagen boosting lifting treatment before big events to keep her jawline crisp and her face youthful.

Use it in your salon: Opt for a device using tri-polar radio frequency to specifically target and stimulate fibroblasts (the cells responsible for producing fresh collagen) deep beneath the skin’s surface, which can produce visibly lifted results in just a single treatment.

Katherine Heigl

The secret: Porcelain perfect Heigl hasn’t always been so flaw free. In fact, the star is known to suffer from breakouts and blocked pores.

The treatment: Heigl has regular deep cleansing treatments to target dirt trapped down in pores that regular daily cleansing alone won’t reach. Deep cleansing treatments use sound vibrations to get deep down into parts of your clients’ pores you only dreamed existed, so are highly effective for preventing and controlling breakouts.

Use it in your salon: Deep cleansing facial devices that utilise the latest sound vibration technology to vibrate dirt out from the depths of pores are ideal for achieving noticeable results for clients struggling with breakouts.

Susan Sarandon

The secret: Glowy skinned Sarandon makes ageing gracefully look effortless, as has been known to say she’ll never go under the knife, but turns out while she may not have had surgery, Sarandon has had a little anti-ageing skincare help from her beauty therapist.

The treatment: Rather than go for stock standard anti-ageing treatments like peels and laser, Sarandon’s therapist works with her to develop specially customised treatments for her skin needs at each appointment, focusing on fine lines, restoring elasticity and reducing puffiness.

Use it in your salon: Customising treatments can be very involved if your salon technology is limited, so invest in a multi-functional and fully customisable facial device, ideally one that will allow you to choose the time duration and style of your client’s treatment.

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