Thank Tommi Skincare Share Their Top 3 Tips For Effective SMS Marketing

As Australia opens up, appointments are booked (and re-booked) and legislation is changing the way salons operate on a sometimes weekly basis, there’s never been a better time to up your SMS comms strategy.

Bethany Brown co-founder of Thank Tommi skincare says they have mastered the art of SMS, driving outstanding sales in the process. Here are Bethany’s top tips for implementing effective SMS communication.

For Thank Tommi SMS based marketing demonstrated concentrated on three objectives had the best return on investment. They focused on three categories:

. Time-based offers

. Reminder to re-purchase

. Automation

Why SMS is an effective marketing channel:

“It can be really daunting trying to expand your marketing mix and wrapping your head around new services and communication tools. As a small business owner, ease of use was key. However, SMS marketing is really easy to use and set up. We already use SMS every day to chat with friends, family and colleagues so it’s a no-brainer.”

From a consumer perspective, it’s the same. SMS is timely and it’s a channel we are already on. We check our phones more than we check our personal emails, especially during an average workday. Being able to purchase on your phone is also a game-changer for customers, so providing click-through from an SMS to a webpage and make a purchase or a booking is convenient and effective.

The no-gos with SMS marketing:

“Don’t spam your database! Send SMS communications strategically. Fortunately, we didn’t have to learn this the hard way. We use MessageMedia who have a number of resources on their website to help businesses use SMS effectively, with a best practice built-in.

For example, we schedule our text communication at the end of the month, when a customer is likely to be finishing their product and thinking about a refill.

Which demographics does SMS work best on?

“While all demographics can use SMS our database is made up primarily of 18-28-year-old-women who happily engage with SMS campaigns.”

How do you track ROI with SMS campaigns and communication?

“We’ve seen a consistent return on investment with our SMS campaigns. When we began using MessageMedia’s services we invested $1,000 in the campaign and it generated $4,000 in sales. For us, that was a great result!”

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