Powerful Woman: Ultraderm’s Pauline Valle

Professional Beauty brings to you our Powerful Women series – interviews with the leading ladies behind some much-loved salon industry brands across the skincare, cosmetics and technology spaces. Anita Quade caught up with Ultraderm’s Pauline Valle.

Pauline Valle, tell us about yourself and your ethos.

“I am from In2Skin, who is the distributor of Advanced Mineral Makeup and Rezenerate NanoFacial. I am also the creator of Ultraderm skincare and makeup. I spent my formative years working the medical profession and later transferred her skills and passion to the aesthetics industry. I have business partnerships with over 300 salons Australia-wide. Since starting Ultraderm in 2009 the business under her leadership has grown exponentially. I saw an opportunity to develop a range of products that supported beauty therapists’ business needs, and so created Ultraderm to showcase the most effective medical grade bioactive ingredients available.

Ultraderm is now a well recognised Australian cosmeceutical line very much a part of beauty salons and spas Australia wide selling to salons Australia-wide.”

Are your clients mostly women? And if so, what can you tell us about them?

“Yes, the clients who buy our skincare and visit our partner salons for skin treatments are mostly women. They come from all walks of life and want to be the best version of themselves by having healthy, radiant skin. They practise beauty rituals as a form of self-care and wellbeing.”

Ultraderm’s new release Ultra Favourites Kit

How to you feel about being a successful women in the beauty industry?

“I’m privileged to have been able to achieve my goals and want to help empower beauty business owners to do the same.” 

What advice would you give to young women wanting to succeed in the beauty industry?

“To give it a go with all your heart and understand your WHY.”

What would you tell your younger self?

“To believe in yourself, stay strong in your beliefs and stand up for your convictions.”

What are your long term goals with Ultraderm?

“To keep moving forward and to grow our business with innovative new products, assisting our partner salons to grow and achieve their goals.”

Pauline Valle’s motto:
“Trust your instincts and follow your dreams.”

This article originally appeared in the March-April 2022 print issue of Professional Beauty.

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