How Pinterest Idea Pins can work for your beauty brand

More than ever before, we want interactive content – we want to see the mood board come to life, watch our style inspo put together yet another chic outfit, and salivate as our favourite chef bakes the perfect focaccia.

Pinterest has launched Idea Pins, which is a video-first feature that will compete with TikTok and Instagram’s Reels for market share of social video content and eyeballs. The brands new format is aimed at creators and brands wanting to tell stories in the video format, which has one of the highest engagement rates across social channels. For example, Aussie beauty creators From Luxe with Love, Inspiring Wit and Wit & Delight have already created Idea Pins with early access, and the feature has had a huge impact on user engagement globally. Just in the past month, Pinterest has seen a 9x the average comment rate on Idea Pins compared to standard Pins.

For brands that already use Pinterest, getting into Idea Pins early can have the same sort of effect that being an early adopter of Reels had on Instagram, giving you more access to a wider audience as Instagram promoted Reels across its platform. In that vein, Pinterest will show Idea Pins in search, its Today Tab and at the top of creator profiles.

Professional Beauty spoke with Head of Content and Creators for Pinterest Australia, Zoe Pearson, to learn more about how this feature could be successfully used by beauty brands and businesses.

PB: How can beauty businesses best use this feature?

“With the launch of Idea Pins and a suite of new publishing tools, beauty brands with a Pinterest business account can now easily create inspiring and actionable content to build an engaged community on the platform. Idea Pins enable Pinterest users to view inspirational videos and images and get the step-by-step breakdown without having to click out or leave the app. In fact, in the past month, we’ve seen 9x the average comment rate on Idea Pins compared to standard Pins. For beauty brands, this means Pinners are encouraged to follow their profiles to discover and engage with their content in the future.”

PB: What makes this different from other social tools?

“We often hear from Pinners that Pinterest offers something unique compared to other platforms such as a positive space to save ideas and take action versus a place to solely browse entertainment. With Idea Pins, beauty brands can easily publish high quality, long lasting, save-able content directly on Pinterest. This made-for-Pinterest format gives beauty brands all the elements they need to tell their story and inspire, from in-app video recording to made-for-doing publishing features like instructions and ingredient templates. Idea Pins are different because they incapture what makes Pinterest special – ideas and inspiration.

On Pinterest, great content is surfaced and resurfaced over and over again—for months, not minutes. Idea Pins show up in more places on the platform and are featured prominently at the top of home feed, in the Today tab, and more. That means a brand’s hard work to create compelling content simply works harder. And, we serve it to new audiences the moment they are most open to receiving it, not just when they happen to publish it.” 

PB: What are some examples of content they can create?

“Idea Pins are one of the top ways we’re bringing inspiration to action through content. We’re already seeing a lot of inspiring and engaging content come from Australian creators that have an early play with Idea Pins. From Luxe with Love, Dan Churchill, GRLKND and Inspiring Wit these creators are growing their audiences on Pinterest with beauty ideas like an easy date night makeup look, wellness inspiration like how to create a productive home office space, and a how-to on a sweet potato jacket recipe.’

PB: What’s the most popular sort of video/content you see with this functionality?

“Millions of people come to Pinterest each day around the world to find inspiration.  In Australia, Pinners are engaging with Idea Pins across a diverse range of categories including beauty, fashion, food and well-being. We’re seeing that Idea Pins that are most engaged with are the ones that focus on inspiring, inclusive and actionable content. Idea Pins enable Pinners to easily ask creators questions, share feedback, try their own takes on the ideas and follow people to find even more fresh content in the future. Pinterest has always been a platform where people come to learn, try and create new things, and this continues with Idea Pins.”

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