The nail trends clients are asking for this winter

Winter is just about here in Australia and with the weather taking a turn for the colder and the days growing shorter, nail trends are changing with the seasons. Find out what winter nail trends the experts and brands say they’ve seen gaining in popularity this season, and be sure to have your kit stocked with what clients want when they come in this chilly season.

First, clients are coming through salon doors. The dip in in-person appointments from 2020 doesn’t seem to be an issue anymore. Corrine Boar, owner of Luxe Nail Co., which just launched a new salon space in Perth, says she’s seeing more clients than ever in the winter months. “We don’t really see a drop off through the winter months, we’re busier than ever, thankfully!” And what are her clients asking for? Moodier hues, says Corrine. “Leading into autumn/winter, we’re seeing a request for a lot more warmer tones and deeper colours. I think the tones that are set to be popular for winter months are beautiful rust & brown tones, deep charcoals & light greys and dark forest greens.”  The desire for darker colours seems to be universal, as Skye McIntyre, CND Education Ambassador, notices the same requests. “Clients tend to let go of the brighter options they like to wear in the warmer months and start to move towards the moodier, dark colours like brown, burgundy, maroon and khaki colours in winter.”

When asked what under-the-radar trends she’s picked up on, Corrine noted that “Perfectly manicured hands with our ever-popular French pink builder gel, is a very “under the radar” look, but increasingly popular.” McIntyre agrees and, like Jenna Lynch, has noticed this trend with a modern twist taking hold. “Thin line French manicures in darker colours not your traditional white have also been on trend, while splashes of metallics in a matte finish are super chic and eye catching.”

(images from, from top left clockwise: @thinkpinkperu, @scratchmagazine, @callmek_justk, @polished_nails_atelier)

Jenna Lynch, Owner of Nails by Jenna says “I definitely see classic French tip in a range of colours requested a lot. In winter you get a lot of warm tonal colours like merlot, navy and taupe. I have seen a new trend of gradient nails where we would use a different colour on each nail within the same colour group (e.g. one colour from dark brown to nude across the nails).”

Corrine says the trend that she finds most exciting this winter is the use of negative space when polishing. “I love working with the negative space trend, doing this with darker tones looks so effective and really eye catching.” McIntyre says that geometric nail art is in demand on the client side of things too. Nail art is showing a lot of geometric shapes with mix and match colours…. Let’s not forget about shape as this is also very important! Short squoval nails are fashionable right now as they are easy to wear, but for those wanting to elongate a shorter nail bed, a beautiful almond shape never goes out of fashion.

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