PB Welcomes New Beauty Writer: Shania O’Brien

The Professional Beauty Australia team are pleased to announce the appointment of Shania O’Brien into the role of Beauty Writer! Shania commences her role this week, and will work alongside Anita, Julie and Hannah in producing print and online content made for our beloved salon industry. Read more on Shania here:

Shania, tell us a little bit about your background as a journalist, including the training you’ve received and the places you’ve worked.

“I am a recent graduate of the University of Sydney. I also currently work as a Lifestyle Journalist at the Daily Mail, and have previous experience editing publications like Honi Soit and Voiceworks.”

What interests you about the beauty industry?

“I love how dynamic the industry is. Someone can tell you they work in beauty, and it can mean anything from magazine editors and product designers to professional makeup artists and hairdressers.”

What are currently some of your favourite products types and treatments?

“Definitely multi-purpose products. Give me a foundation that also hydrates my skin and protects me with high SPF and I’m golden.”

Any products or treatments you’ve been dying to try?

“I’ve been seeing the Tarte Cheek Stain in ‘Flush’ everywhere recently but haven’t been able to get my hands on it yet! The blush looks so natural and glowy – it’s perfect for every season.”

Who do you admire in the beauty industry?

“I think writers are offered a great opportunity to communicate the ins-and-outs of the industry to wide ranges of people, though that might be a consequence of my background. I admire journalists who use their pens to foster a community that is always willing to help you succeed.”

What will the day-to-day duties of your new role as Beauty Writer at Professional Beauty involve?

“I will be working in tandem with Online & Special Projects Editor, Hannah Gay to create both online and print content. I cannot wait to get out into the world and share the brilliant products on our radar, our favourite beauty haunts, and so much more!”

What are you most looking forward to in your new role?

“I am really excited to chat to people about their passions. I think PB offers a unique space for the people we write about to truly be intimate with our readers. When I read a PB profile, I feel like I am in on a private joke with the subject — like they’re opening their home to me.”

Read the current issue of our digital magazine here:

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