Medik8 launches 12-week treatment

Medik8 has long been a favourite of skincare professionals, and their latest offering – a training programme for the skin – as upped the ante when it comes to delivering that glow that all customers are in search of.

The new ’12 Weeks to WOW’ programme consists of six in-clinic peels tailored to customers’ specific concerns. Combined with a prescribed at-home regime of ‘CSA’ products – Vitamin C plus Sunscreen by day and Vitamin A by night – the programme promises to be simple for the customer, and easy for the therapist.

Clients begin their 12 Weeks to WOW programme with a Pre-Peel Consultation, where they will receive products to prepare the skin before the first peel. Over the six treatments therapists have a choice of nine peels to treat skin concerns, and which can be built up in strength and layered for maximum results. 

The final appointment is the ‘WOW Reveal’ where clients will be able to measure their skin results by comparing photos taken in their first consultation. To help maintain the results achieved, a Medik8 Lifestyle Programme will then be advised. 

Chemical peels are fast-becoming the number-one clinical skin treatment worldwide, and as such Medik8 has launched six brand new combination lifestyle peels and three new mono peels. Especially formulated to target different skin concerns, delivering visible results with less discomfort and downtime. On the 12 Weeks to WOW programme, clients will be treated with a selection of peels depending on their skin type, skin goals and treatment plan. 

Combination lifestyle peels

A targeted formulation that helps to plump skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It fades away imperfections, leaving the skin visibly smoothed and rejuvenated. 

A brightening peel targeting sun damage, hyperpigmentation and dull, uneven skin. Helping to minimise melanin production, the Even peel visibly fades pigmentation for a more even and radiant complexion. 

A powerful blend of acids that sink deep into pores to effectively clarify and decongest the complexion. Rapidly brings blemishes under control and dramatically reduces the risk of future breakouts. 

Suitable for everyone and any skin concern, it visibly brightens, smoothes, decongests and revitalises the skin. Ideal for a first time peel or to maintain results from other peels.

Formulated for extremely sensitive or redness-prone skin to visibly smooth skin texture and help promote a stronger skin barrier. 

Designed to treat the delicate eye area specifically fine lines, crows feet, laughter lines and dull under eyes. It helps smooth the texture and minimise fine lines and wrinkles. 

“Medik8 has created the perfect balance between just enough tingle so the client is aware the peel is working, but also bearable enough to keep the peel on for the maximum amount of time to achieve maximum results,” says a representative of the brand. “This is by keeping the acid concentrations high and the peel pH low, but with the addition of Time Release Technology.”

Already an element within their vitamin A formulations, this technology slows down how quickly the vitamin A molecules penetrate the skin, minimising any irritation. Additionally, in each peel formulation, Medik8 have included Arginine – a naturally occurring amino acid that slows down the penetration of exfoliating acids on the skin, causing the stinging sensation to build up gradually and easing the client into the peel experience. 

Mono peels 

Mono Peels contain one type of acid in varying concentrations from 30, 50 and  70 per cent. These include glycolic acid, lactic acid and mandelic acid. 

Containing ‘Time Release Technology’, each peel can be layered over any of Medik8’s stronger peels to intensify results, while also being able to layer on concentrated areas of concern. This maximises the results of the peel and allows the therapist to provide a bespoke, customised treatment with faster and better results for a truly unique peeling experience. 

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