Urban Company buys Glamazon

When Lauren Silvers and Lisa Maree launched the Glamazon app seven years ago, it completely disrupted the at-home beauty service industry. Suddenly, consumers were able to order everything from a manicure or a facial, directly to their lounge room. It was also a game-changer for professionals, giving thousands of beauty workers the opportunity to freelance, and grow their client base through the Glamazon app.

So it was surprising – but also exciting – when the co-founders announced they had sold their business assets to home services startup, Urban Company, the world’s leading home services marketplace which has over 25,000 active, vetted independent service professionals, carrying out over 800,0000 bookings per month across regions including Australia, India, the UAE and Singapore.

Lauren and Lisa saw Urban Company’s expansion into the Australian market as an incredible opportunity for their users to have a broader reach across a wider variety of services. For Urban Company, the acquisition of Glamazon’s business assets was an excellent opportunity to expand its scope of operations and consolidate its position in the Australian on-demand home services market.

“Urban Company and Glamazon have a completely aligned mission, to empower independent, mobile professionals to become entrepreneurs, enabling them to have successful freelancing careers. The synergies in our mission and vision were the catalyst to joining forces with Urban Company” says Lauren.


Lauren Silvers and Lisa Maree launched Glamazon seven years ago.


“It is so important to be able to deliver stable freelancing opportunities to our 1,700 beauty professionals from around Australia, whilst continuing to deliver quality services to more customers nation-wide,” added Lisa. “Urban Company helps us achieve this long held vision and we are thrilled at the huge opportunity that this deal presents to our customers and active professionals.”

Around the world, Urban Company connects end-users with trusted independent professionals and provides an array of premium personal services, from hair, makeup, spa and wellness services in addition to premium home services such as cleaning, electricians, carpenters, plumbing, and pest control.

“Australia is an attractive market and holds great promise for Urban Company with its demographic advantages. We believe that there is a huge opportunity for us to deliver high quality service in beauty services. We look forward to contributing to a healthy service ecosystem in Australia,” said Abhiraj Bhal, Co-founder of Urban Company.

Since its inception in 2014, Urban Company has successfully launched in twenty-two cities globally across India, the UAE and Singapore. Former co-founder of Glamazon, Lauren will lead the launch of Urban Company’s beauty and wellness offerings in the Australian market.

“I am thrilled to be leading the branding and marketing for Urban Company in Australia, in addition to launching and leading the beauty and wellness services. Urban Company has a vision to become a household name synonymous with quality in-home services by 2021,” said Lauren.


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