This Gentle New Vitamin C Serum Won’t Irritate Sensitive Skin

Okay folks, listen up! A new vitamin C serum has hit the market and it’s worth taking note. Before you cue a collective eye roll at yet another vitamin C serum launch, we can assure you this one won’t make for a case of deja vu.

Why vitamin C?

Vitamin C is a common active found in skincare, best known for brightening the skin. Vitamin C is understood to help slow the aging process in the skin via the elimination of free radicals and presence of antioxidants.  

Slotting into Synergie Skin’s already active-packed line-up of SKUs is Effica C – an intelligently formulated liquid designed to target the most sensitive of skins. Effica C is the brainchild of cosmetic chemist Terri Vinson whose expertise in the science of clean, efficacious skincare has earned her the attention of aestheticians and consumers alike. This product, Terri says, is backed by evidence and clinical data.

The science

The modern formula contains 10% Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate (ATIP) – “a highly penetrative yet non-acidic form of vitamin C,” Terri describes. “Due to its lipophilic (oil-loving) nature and controlled release system, this fast-absorbing serum causes no irritation, making it ideal for sensitive skin profiles, or those seeking an entry-level vitamin C.” This hero ingredient combines with Coenzyme Q10 and plant-based Lycopene to deliver a triple-antioxidant offering made to “enhance collagen production, [thereby] minimising wrinkles, boosting skin hydration, and evening skin tone,” she added. 

Synergie Skin launches Effica C, designed for sensitive skin types

The team at Synergie Skin tested the formula over 12 weeks, resulting in an apparent 60 percent loss of pigmented areas on subjects’ skin. The formula is made to work quickly, with Terri noting that within 30 minutes ATIP gets to work in “scavenging free radicals” in its bid to eliminate damage caused by solar energy and pollution in the atmosphere – just enough time to order that coffee and drink it, too!

Synergie Skin already carries a vitamin C serum – SupremaC+ – that blends ethyl ascorbic, mandelic and ferulic acids for a multifaceted approach. Terri recommends clients new to vitamin C, and those with sensitive skin, begin with the brand’s gentle Effica C before moving up toward the more rigorous SupremaC+. “It is for this reason Effica C will be replacing SupremaC+ in all introductory kits and Cult Classics as the Vitamin C serum,” Terri notes.

To stock the brand’s new Effica C serum in your salon, visit the Synergie Skin website.

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