Professional Beauty Joins ABIC As Foundation Members

The Aesthetic & Beauty Industry Council (ABIC) has welcomed Professional Beauty as a Foundation Member of its Australia-wide community of beauty professionals.

What is ABIC?

ABIC is an industry-governed body led by Stefanie Milla, and was built by and for Australian beauty and aesthetics businesses. The council provides a united voice for the industry at-large, striving toward gains in working conditions for its members. 

The aim of the partnership between ABIC and Professional Beauty is to provide salon, spa and clinic workers with a stream of educational resources produced by trusted industry leaders.

ABIC was launched to benefit Australian beauty industry professionals

Why Professional Beauty?

For 27 years, Professional Beauty Australia has served as a constant source of news, inspiration and ideas crafted for salon owners via a print magazine, curated website and twice-weekly newsletter. 

In each bi-monthly issue of Professional Beauty, ABIC will feature exclusive content surrounding an issue of significance to industry professionals. Such written content will appear across Professional Beauty’s channels with the aim of benefitting its readers. The first of such content ran in Professional Beauty’s May-June 2022 issue on Sustainability.

In turn, Professional Beauty will have access to ABIC leaders and members. The publication will then provide a platform for individuals to voice their questions and concerns. Copies of Professional Beauty magazine will be placed in the hands of ABIC leaders in hopes of further driving reform.

What they’re saying

On the adoption of Professional Beauty as a Foundation Member, ABIC CEO and Director Stefanie Milla said: “We are thrilled about the partnership between ABIC and Professional Beauty as we believe that communication and education are important cornerstones for the growth and advancement of our industry. It’s imperative our members are provided with up-to-date, credible resources and guidance on the topics that specifically impact them and their work. Utilising Professional Beauty’s long-standing readership means we can get more eyes across the information that matters most.”

For Professional Beauty Editor Anita Quade, the partnership was a no-brainer: “We are so thrilled to have this synergy with ABIC, it’s a win-win situation for everyone in the industry.  This partnership will give Professional Beauty access to the leaders and game changers who shape the beauty landscape and in turn, we can provide a much-needed platform across our magazine and digital channels to showcase the issues and solutions to the challenges that many face in business.”

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