Dermaviduals becomes mentor and hotline for clinic partners

With seven weeks into the government-enforced closure of salons, Dermaviduals has been working to support and assist their salon openers and employees.

The brand quickly adapted, becoming an authority in online training and education, mentoring and becoming a hotline for clinic partners to voice their concerns and queries.

Co-founders Simone Vescio and Reika Roberts want to ensure that their salon partners are in the best possible position when the time comes to re-open their doors.

“With over 180 of our clinic partners closed in Australia alone, we have adapted our team and roles to support and address the ongoing concerns and help needed from our clinic partners. Everyone’s roles have changed, with the priority being, let’s get everyone equipped and ready to come out of this stronger than they were before, including us!” said Simone.


Founders Reika Roberts and Simone Vescio are determined to prepare their clinic partners for the day they can re-open.


In a bid to ensure their salon partners are as best equipped as possible for the recovery phase Dermaviduals has provided every one of their partners with a new online platform to ensure that all planned training for salon owners and employees goes ahead, despite the shut-down.

In addition, the ‘discount rescue package’ offers reduced rates on product, to ensure that salon owners are able to fill their cupboards, and are able to provide at-home treatment packages for their clients.

Salon owners have access to free webinars, as well as virtual consultation education for therapists.

In addition, Dermaviduals has also announced an opening offer for potential partners. The offer will provide retail stock for COVID-19 conditions, with up to a 30 per cent saving on professional stock once doors re-open.

“We all know we will get through these challenging times. The planning, steps and actions we are taking now will determine our ability to bounce back and set a path for success in the future. Bring on 2021!” said Simone.


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